I have pondered all week on what I could share as my Ordinary Moment this week. I have known what was coming and I desperately wanted to write something fun and upbeat. I wanted a joyful post about something that we had done with the kids, or maybe not even that, Id be happy perhaps to be writing about a romantic date I’d had with Nath? but NOPE that hasn’t been… View Post

I have never shared this experience publicly before, I don’t think even my friends and family have heard much about the day following her birth other than the facts (hospital check, dressing her for burial, taking her to the funeral home…) but when I look back on that second day with her I remember it clearly from the moment I awoke. Here a year on to the day, it seems… View Post

Today marks a year since I gave birth to our sleeping baby; “Poppy Quinn Smith”. She was our 3rd child and 2nd daughter. She was born by natural delivery at 2.30am on the 16th of September 2014, and though full term weighed just 4lb 5oz. She has passed away 2 days previous and whilst physically the easiest delivery to go through, it was emotionally the most painful. I definitely feel… View Post

Purple stained hands and mouths I think are an essential part of childhood at this time of year.  I remember spending absolutely hours in the forest behind our home, with my sisters and giant ice cream tubs and filling them to the brim (mum must have loved it) and now whenever I smell black berries it takes me back to those days of adventure as a kid. Unfortunately I also have… View Post