A couple of months ago I moved the kids back into their own rooms to try and solve the humongous mess they were creating together, and because we were at our whits end at bed time with them both because it literally was an absolute nightmare!! Megs surprisingly likes to be peaceful sometimes with her soft toys and books and seemed irritated at not being able to do her own… View Post

Autumn is officially here and whilst the season is a little tarnished with sad memories, I still very much find it to be my favourite times of year. I love the cool, crisp days brightened with sunshine, the colours of nature, cosy knits and boots, warm drinks and basically every joyful thing that it brings with its arrival… I have joyful things I love about every season, but there is… View Post

Its no secret to those that know us that almost every Friday night Nath and I can be found snuggled on the sofa, delicious food, some treats and a film! Friday night is “date night” and we do all we can to keep it as such and enjoy time together. We are not ones to have expensive taste; we “splashed out” on our current humble flat screen TV when we… View Post

This week has been all about “clothes swapping”. It seems to have been a craze in my life for about 5 years now and I NEVER seem to tire of it. I assume that most people know about it, but just in case you don’t then here is how it works: 1. Sort out a bag of clothes/shoes and accessories that you are bored of or no longer wear.  2.… View Post