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I am loving the artwork, prints and wallpapers from Swedish born company Photowall. And, If we were moving into our new house to live there immediately, 100% I would be buying a mural like this one for Oscar’s wall…it is so beautiful, striking and exciting for a child’s space. I really love a lot of their wallpapers actually – they make such a statement to any room and are something I will be keeping in mind when we return to our home here in the UK. In my experience with them, their prints are excellent quality and delivered quickly.

The next chapter for us however sees us travelling to Kuwait, and with new adventures and horizons on my mind (and with limited suitcase space), I decided to order some travel themed prints that can be rolled up and taken with us (and framed once there). I thought they would be lovely to add some personal touches to our apartment, and then can be brought back to have in our home here when we return.

Here are the ones I chose for our home and why.

Musical UK

What musician wouldn’t want a UK map made from old pieces of music? Well, Our 11 year old pianist/trumpet player certainly does, and I bought this with him in mind. It is a little piece of home, a little piece of him and his passions, that I thought might be nice in his room.

Eventually I imagine it framed on the piano in our hallway for all to enjoy, or perhaps it will always remain in his room – I don’t know. I love the simplicity of a UK map, but the essence of music and culture too. He really loves it and has said he is going to try and play it!

Kuwait skyline

Moving to Kuwait, and it becoming such a big part of our story, we were keen to have some artwork in our home to represent this. As soon as I saw the Kuwait skyline, I just thought it was both really cool, and also something lovely to have as artwork in our apartment there. I chose some magnetic wall hangers, as these can pop in our case to display it, and then we can frame it as a memory piece when we return and put it somewhere in our house here.

I really love it and can’t wait for the memories and experiences that await us – ones that each time we see this print upon our return (in a little corner of our Yorkshire home) will bring back good times and conversations. I am also considering adding photos to it, or have new friends sign messages when we come back, so it becomes a real journal piece for our home.

Leeds skyline

This one sadly isn’t coming with us, but is to go on the landing outside our bedroom in the new house.  Leeds is huge in our story and we love the memories (mostly) that we have there. Leeds was where we grew, where we matured, where we dated and fell in love…it was where our family was born and grew, where our first house was purchased and where we learnt real heartache and pain. It’s a cool city filled with favourite places and memories, a place where our little ones took steps and we had our adventures around it. Leeds will always, and does have a special place in our hearts and memories. It’s so great to have some cool artwork that reminds us of such great chapters of life.

Explore the world

I just love the whole mantra and possibilities of this print. I liked the traditional vintage feel and imagined it hung in our downstairs loo (of all places) when I first saw it, and I may still roll with that idea, or the dining room, I am not sure yet. I just think it will be a lovely piece in our new home to encourage the children (and guests) to think and dream beyond life as we know it day to day, and the amazing adventures to be had, cultures to discover and people to meet.

Each of these travel prints offer memories, passion and joy…they are a world of opportunity and something to trigger stories and experiences with others.

Whatever your home style, passions and interests, visit Photowall – you will find wallpapers and prints that reflect your individual interests, dreams and ideas. And, the exciting part is that you can get yourself a hearty discount with code theheartylife25 (please note this expires 31st October). I would also really like this “go tell it on the mountain” one for Christmas time, it is so joyful for the entrance way or out on our porch I think against a large lantern.

*This post is in collaboration with Photowall – Thankyou to them for gifting these prints. 

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