Resale Vs New Builds: Which is the Best Option for a Home?

It has been almost 11 years since we got on the property ladder and bought our first little home over in Leeds – how exciting that was! It was an old back to back terrace and whilst we fell out of love with it, it did it’s job as a good first family home. When it comes to buying a first home there are so many options in style, age and location to consider. The obvious and more common option is picking up a home off the market – either because it offers you a project or because the work has already been done and it possess everything to meet your needs! If you were brave though, you could have a home built from scratch, though lots of people much prefer to opt to buy a new build already in process.

All of these options have their pros and cons and should be considered. Being a first time buyer, you may not know which one would fit your needs the best and some might have implications you haven’t yet considered. Let’s take a look at which option would be the best for homeownership.

A Few Words About New Builds

There are plenty of benefits of buying a freshly built home; for one you are the first to live in it, next they offer neutral style and design, and another is that builders often allow you to have some say in the fixtures and even negotiate small elements of the design. Some people simply hate the idea of buying anything someone else has used, or simply do not want to take on any work with a home so this would be the ideal and mostly hassle free option.

Another benefit of newly built homes is that they are likely to abide by all the recent regulations and have all the features buyers come to expect. These homes are usually already energy-efficient, offer everything you would expect and will be built to accommodate modern ventilation and heating systems. And last, but not least, buying a new home means that you will usually have less maintenance to perform and fewer chances for major issues.

Where Older Homes Shine

One thing I love about older properties is that with an older home you have a house with history and often elements of character too. You can often be sure that it was able to stand the test of time, and built to withstand the weather conditions of the area as well – which is a testament to its build quality. Older homes can offer you a bargain or the chance to live in more varied locations to a new build estate. 

Older homes also provide the option of taking on a renovation project which not only gives you the freedom to put your stamp on a property, but it can often gain you more equity too. If you don’t fancy the work though, there are also many older homes for sale where the work has been done to a lovely standard – offering you a beautiful first home with the history or character you desire. 

A big issue in either home option it to look out for things like damp or if it starts experiencing odd leaks or major structural issues.

The most important part with either a new build or older home is always working with the right people. A good real estate agent with a good reputation and a large selection of properties is essential if you want to get the house that you want and make sure that it’ll last a long time without unpleasant surprises. Here in the UK Right Move is a great place to start, though for my US readers, reputable companies like Avalon Realty Group have a large selection of properties all around Florida and will be able to work with you and find exactly what you want. You can browse their website if you want to check out some of their listings, and they show everything you need to know about the property so you can make the right decision.

Which One is the Best for You?

This of course all depends on what you were looking for and whether you want to take on work or not. You may have in your mind exactly what you want and it is a matter of waiting for that to be available on the market in your desired area for your budget. In some areas you may struggle to find a new build in others you may want to look at schools and if they are right for you and the fam. With this in mind, location remains the most important part of real estate and considering how important local amenities are to you. 

If you still don’t know which way you should go between a newly built or older home, then get viewing both and see what vibes you get – it may surprise you. 

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