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One of my favourite ways to beautify my home and add a personal to touch to it, is through framed prints. It is an ideal way to bring a bit of personality to one’s home and make art out of reflective points of inspiration, family mantra’s or fun and quirky sayings. When looking for interior inspiration over Instagram and Pinterest, I often see prints that have been incorporated into the style and decor of a space to add a personal touch (though I don’t need much persuading).

In my porch I have one of my favourites – a gift from my sister it reads “Mi Casa es Su Casa” which I saw in several South American families homes when I was in the states living there; translated it means “my house is your house” and I have loved that saying for years.  It is inviting, reflects the feel we want for our home and brings back fond memories.

I have others scattered around too like my “get Naked” one in the bathroom for a bit fun that was taken from pinterest inspo and a positive mindset quote in my landing!

I really enjoy finding inspirational or thought provoking words and phrases that really strike a chord or generally make me laugh/bring joy – slapped in a frame and displayed somewhere in my home make it us. Prints not only beautify it, but can also invite, welcome and even inspire all who lay eyes upon it.

Whilst prints are really lovely (and offer a home more style), they can also get quite pricey and, there is always the chance that as life moves forward and you grow and change too, you may even go off it. That is why, with things like this, it can be fun to try and make your own. With companies like it can make the task so much easier. began in July 2016 as a way to provide their customers with affordable digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. It is far more than an average word processing package and as such, they have managed to build a customer base of OVER 1 million users, which to me is an indication it is something to trust and ensure you are getting what you pay for!

How to make Prints on a budget 

When making a print yourself, you not only want to display the chosen words, but you also want to maintain quality – after all, it is hanging on a wall in your home (or on a picture rail). The following 3 steps are a simple and budget friendly way to achieve this.

Firstly you need a design bundle…

Things like this require more than what your average word fonts can offer and buying your own svg files means you can maintain quality and aren’t just limited to printing on paper either (which is a bonus if you want to make gifts for friends and family too – either a framed print or tote bag for example). The best thing about them is that they never become pixelated no matter how much they are altered.

SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic, which means that the graphics can be scaled to various sizes without quality reduction. you can download them and then use digital cutting machines such as a Silhouette or Cricut to create stunning projects instantly.

The Svg files from design bundles offers great value for money being only £1.20 to about £4 and so are great if you are on a budget. You can not only download both modern and a fun array of fonts, but also funny and inspirational quote packages too. They are fab!

Alternatively SVG Cuts (also budget friendly) can be opened in other programmes (like photo shop) too, to not only make wall prints but invitations and a whole array of craft projects. With the right cut files, you can be assured of producing unique papercut wall art, gorgeous paper flowers, memorable DIY gifts and cheap home decor easily.

Next Frame it…

Charity shops and car boot sales will offer cheap and unique frames or places like Ikea or Wilko all offer affordable frames. If you want clean black or white/modern looks then go for Ikea (anywhere from a couple of pounds – the one pictured below was £4.50), but if you want something a little different (and if they are currently open) have a rummage in charity shops!

Find where to display it…

Picture rails in any room give a modern touch, especially if you want to pop a little succulent up next to it or family photo’s. It also offers flexibility if you get bored and want to mix it up a little. I have picture rails in both the bathroom and lounge and love them.

Alternatively a solo print on a blank space somewhere or as part of a gallery wall will look wonderful too.

I love a good sassy print or motivational thought, be it in the porch, on the landing, lounge, bathroom or bedrooms. They each bring added style and reflect the mindset and even humour of those who live there. My next one will be “Eat Well & Travel Often” – a little family mantra!

I hope you will have fun creating your own prints; either for yourself or to gift to family and friends and that each will bring joy and a new design element to your home.

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  1. July 7, 2020 / 2:37 pm

    Love these! I need to get pictures up on our walls. I find it hard to decide which ones to use

  2. July 24, 2020 / 6:24 pm

    Rugs do enhance the beauty of any room. But they might not work for smaller rooms. If your flooring is appealing enough, itโ€™s better to remove the rug and let the shiny floor do the magic.

  3. October 13, 2020 / 12:14 pm

    Yeah having things floating around that you have makes… its an incredible feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

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