Creating a Modern Minimalist Space

Our home style is an eclectic mix of things we love – from bold colour and funky patterns, to a little bit of retro furniture and bling mirrors – and I love it! Each room is reflective of us and it’s what makes our house a home… a space we can be and love together.

It is no secret though that in the near future we would love to extend the back of the house to create more space, in hopefully an open plan kitchen/living/dining set up. And, whenever we talk about this as a couple, we both seem to gravitate towards a more modern and minimal feel for this new space we imagine. Here are a few things we envisage to create a modern, minimalist and fresh space.

More Glass 

Nothing says modern like glass! Whether it is glass panels up the staircase or, for us; the idea of floor to ceiling glass windows, or bi-folds in the extension. Bi fold door installations with toughened glass would prove to be both stylish, good for a family and modern in style. They are so practical too, offering more light and the option to open up and transition between outdoor/indoor living space.


Whilst most of our house is decorated in colour – from on trend Navy in the kitchen, to a “jungle green” in the lounge, when I think of styling the space in an extension, I think of mostly monochrome with a pop of colour. I feel like monochrome is timeless, fresh and brings a transitional modern feel to the home. I also feel with the light from more glass, it blends well and together creates a sleek minimalist feel.


The light open space will most certainly be calling out for some big plants – in cool modern pots or baskets. These bring a homely feel, blend the outdoors with the indoors and keep accessories to a minimal. They are also a trend I love!


I hope we will have space for both a large eating area and also a sofa. To keep these minimalist and modern, I would go for a black dining table (to tie in with the monochrome) or white with black chairs, and a modern corner sofa in maybe dark grey, with monochrome patterned cushions and maybe a pop of orange or something. Together these things keep the trend flowing, whilst also making the space usable for family life.

I feel together, the monochrome decor and plants, with the glass from either large windows or bi folds (and open plan living), bring a modern style and some personality. But whether or not we stick with all of these ideas and styles is yet to be determined – For now we have a lot of fun envisioning how we might create a modern minimalist space in our (yet to be) extended home.

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  1. October 18, 2019 / 7:14 pm

    Some great tips here, thanks. I love looking at home decor inspiration but sometimes I feel like I haven’t found my style yet.

  2. November 16, 2020 / 4:29 pm

    Because cabinetry often takes up so much visual space, it’s common to use that surface area as the foundation of your kitchen. However, farmhouse kitchen cabinet colors are not limited to neutrals.

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