Christmas Gifts for the Home

How true is it that the older we get, the less we feel we need? With time comes contentment and I have realised that with each passing year as Christmas approaches, I am almost always scratting around to try and find ideas that I can give to people of things they can give me as a gift. I usually have the odd thing that I might like, but rarely do I have things that I am desperate for and wishing for nowadays! I am so grateful that people want to get us things and love it more so when they get things they just see and it has made them think of me; it is often something great that I wouldn’t have thought of but oft times love. I know it isn’t always as easy as this to buy for people, and so a wish list can be helpful in offering direction to the giver. This year year you may want to consider home stuff on that list, if like me you are struggling for ideas.

Christmas gifts for the home – be it a small appliance, plant or even a piece of furniture (if budget permits) can be such a good idea, useful and if you get a gift as a couple – very special too. Nathan and I have (in the past) asked for joint gifts with appliances we wanted (a juicer comes to mind one year) and have also used christmas money to buy things we would like for our home over more new jumpers or perfume (even though those are all lovely too).

Here are some home gift ideas I have been looking at over these last few weeks for Christmas ideas. I again don’t have a massive urge for anything, but these are all lovely things I would be more than pleased to receive.


Rugs are on my mind a lot at the moment and there are a couple of places in our home that would welcome a rug and would add style and personality. Two I have fallen in love with are an orange and pink one from Habitat (£36 so not too much) and a Jute one from H&M Home. Whilst I could of course buy these myself, suggesting them as a gift from parents (for example) frees up that money to be spent elsewhere.

A waffle Maker 

I love the idea of being able to make waffles for a family night or a special brekkie with family or friends – it feels like a step up and a big treat! And so, I have been thinking for the last couple of months I may ask for a waffle maker this Christmas. It would be such a lovely thing to bring us all together and make memories over like we currently do with our pancake breakfasts. I feel like I would get a lot of joy out of making and eating waffles as I am quite into making delicious things in the kitchen.

A new bed 

A new bed could quite easily be a high ticket item, but is also something to consider as a joint gift to get each other (together) and let’s face it – it will be something you know will be used daily and make a massive difference to life! I really love our mattress (previously gifted) but the frame is the one we have had from new since we first married back in 2009 and of course taste, home and interiors have all change a lot since then! A new Grey Suede Divan Bed UK with open at the foot would be great, or velvet headboard would also bring more style to our room.

If we don’t buy a new bed in 2020, then it will certainly be at the top of the list next Christmas!

Grey Suede Divan Bed UK


I love a good plant gift – be it a small succulent to chill on a ledge somewhere or a beast to stand grandly in a corner – plants bring a lot of joy to a home and there are so many places I need a plant (and if it came in a cool pot then bonus points!). I remember one year Nath’s parents bought us all a bay tree – I loved it and thought it was such a novel gift.

If you are stuck with things to buy for friends and family then a lovely cactus, fruit tree or modest little plant might be an alternative choice. Be it a small something in a macrame hanging basket or a statement tropical number in a basket or ceramic pot, it is sure to bring style to their home and a smile to their face.

Picture frames 

If ever you are ever stuck for ideas, then picture frames are always a good idea! They are sentimental and can be so reasonable too. There are so many styles out there, that there is sure to be something for every person’s style too. I have a really cool cactus one in my conservatory with an old war postcard/quote in which I love (an alternative to a photo gift) and last christmas I was delighted to get a Pineapple shaped one from my mother in law (that was from TK Maxx).

If anyone wanted to get me a picture frame this year, then I would say that I love the chain style ones (this is £4 in Matalan) or anything a little funky is always a winner with me!

A chair or stool

A chair can easily be another high ticket item, but can also be another idea to get as a joint gift together. I have been recently looking at a statement chair for the lounge or a cool pouffe to go at the side of our bed. Homesense/Tk Maxx have some that are right up my street in bright velvet fabrics and would bring me so much joy to see each day.

Home gifts can be so exciting to receive and can often be longer lasting and more useful than other things we tend to gravitate towards. Other ideas can be as simple as candles, cushions, throws, or even appliances.

Do you like receiving home gifts? If so, what home gifts do you have your eye on this year? I would love to hear them and be inspired.

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