Amtico is Your Winter Wonderland

We are heading to that time of the year where people are desiring a warmer vibe throughout their home whilst maintaining a stylish look. When looking at flooring to help accomplish this, Amtico is a popular choice for many to give a look and feel of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring without the costs and maintenance of having the real thing. Vinyl offers a full accurate appearance of wooden flooring with a guarantee of security for decades and Amtico vinyl flooring is a great option with the most benefits on variety, cost, installation and low maintenance.

Here are just a few reasons why it maybe the right choice for you…

Light and Dark

Luxury wood effect vinyl flooring brightens up the room whilst layering a classic feel for those wanting outdoor lifestyles present within the home. It comes however without the need to maintain and fix any chippings that are always a negative in hardwood flooring.

Whilst there are many light wood options, perhaps you may also find something lovely in a dark wood option too. Dark wood options are not necessarily meaning a dark dull feel to your room, but rather when looking for design inspo, it’s clear to see that dark woods provide a tone and style for rooms that adds a feel of warmth and completeness. Anyone coming over to your home (eventually) will instantly be impressed by it’s look. And, the great thing is that they also would not be able to see the difference from the real thing.

Floors to Highlight Your Surroundings

The pure selection of designs available suit every individual taste, as well as seamlessly matching with existing wood themed furniture within the home – be it tables, doors or fixtures. By providing a look consistent with the already established room tone, you are able to accomplish a complete look to every room. 

With click vinyl you also have the option of having it fitted to size avoiding those pesky corner situations.

No Threat of Rotting Wood

Water is always a major threat to flooring, whether coming in from rain or a simple accident of spilling over a glass (usually kids or parties!). Amtico vinyl however is safe from water damage thanks to waterproof properties which ensure no water seeps to your under-flooring.

Thanks to industry pioneering; scratch guard and stain resistance breakthroughs as well as it’s moisture resistance and anti slip technologies, ensure that you can rely on your vinyl flooring to be easily maintained with a quick mop, sweep or hoover. When cleaning anything from spillages to footprints, floors are left good as new – Amtico has worked hard to make sure you won’t have to…

All Year Satisfaction

Through the Winter months Amtico is an ideal partner to sustain underfloor heating. And, equally during the Summer months, even the hottest of days will not make floor tiles raise or come unglued. This means that all year around you can be confident in the knowledge that your floors maintain the appearance and strength that you invested in for your home.

With Amtico, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring is their speciality – with ranges such as Abstract, Form and Amtico Signature Woods. No matter what your requirements maybe, Amtico pride themselves on having the solution (be it in tiles or planks) to transport your interior dreams into a reality.

With so much to choose from and so many benefits for your home, you may be spoilt for choice (but you’ll never be lost for woods).

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