#MyHeartyLife | #42 – Christmas Crafts, Cinderella and School Plays

This last week has quite possibly been one of the busiest this year! I have, for the most part being running around like a nutter from here to there and trying to remember kids costumes, party clothes, food, plays and trying to complete blog work as well as a big college assignment too. I haven’t particularly felt out of control with any of it really and, whilst it all came together to make for a really good week overall, I am still in no rush for such a busy and demanding week again anytime soon (phew!).

The highlights of this week included seeing Cinderella at Hull New Theatre – it was fab. And seeing the kids in their christmas plays at school! It has been a wonderful, successful and busy week.

Grateful For 

This week I am grateful for the time Alice and I have spent together at home. I enrolled her in playgroup for the new year as we felt it would be good for her to have 2 mornings to get to know other kids in the village before Nursery in September, and also thought that those extra mornings on my own will enable me to accomplish work or college assignments! I felt totally fine about it, but it did make me realise once again just how short these moments at home together are and, how quickly it goes by having little ones and being a stay at home mum.

I enjoyed doing some christmas crafts and puzzles with Alice this week which was a lot slower paced and lovely than our usual rushing around and being out and about! I am not the best at doing these kinda things with my kids, I find my creativity comes out in other ways with them, but twice this week we have had the craft box out to make things both just for fun and also to send to their uncle in Germany on an LDS Mission. I am grateful that it all went well, provided some excitement and bonding time altogether and we had fun dancing to Christmas songs alongside it.

I really relish in those moments when you feel like you have it down and are winning at mothering – I am grateful for the moments over christmas crafts that have given me that confidence and joy in being a mummy!

Succeed At 

Today I succeeded at wrapping pretty much all of the Christmas gifts which I have bought and it was a huge thing off my “To Do” list – I suddenly feel very organised and excited for the big day. I thoroughly enjoyed thinking of our children’s faces as I lovingly wrapped their gifts felt content in how we have approached it.

This week I also succeeded at making Ethan an Elf costume for his school play (granted we were late that day, but I succeeded nonetheless), but I think that my biggest success of the week was certainly completing my 3,500 word assignment for college. It was on counselling theory and I very much enjoyed writing it, researching for it and reflecting on what I have learnt so far. I felt I pinpointed my main interests and I felt good to get my head around referencing and all that great stuff!

Found Beauty In

I loved seeing the kids excitement on their party days and seeing them in their school plays on Friday too – they did so well and looked gorgeous with all of their classmates and I felt so proud of them all. It is such a beautiful thing to see kids doing little plays, singing songs and bringing the spirit of Christmas to us. I also enjoyed seeing them all this weekend enjoying time with their cousins and being with family and found beauty in seeing my hubby rock up at school on Friday afternoon and surprising us all on his last day by coming home early – I was absolutely thrilled!

Bring on the countdown to Christmas, the last week of term at school and Mr Smith’s Birthday this week – we are excited for it all and some much wanted time together celebrating Christmas with family.

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