#MyHeartyLife | #39 – Beach walks, Friends and Birthday Round 2!

This last week I have felt like I have practically been doing everything by the skin of my teeth! Whilst we have had some lovely days out with friends and shared some lovely moments, I have felt like the house has been in a bit of chaos and that most mornings have just got the better of us. Towards the end of the week I have been feeling a weak and achy and just not quite right in my abdomen and back – we stayed in yesterday and had a chill day, and today Megan and I missed church to rest too as she woke up with a temperature.

The week however (despite these moments of chaos and feeling a little rough) has held some great moments of fun and joy too – namely Friday when I had my birthday “round 2” with my mates. It was a great evening where I made a mexican feast and then we had a dip in the hottub followed by desserts and cake. It was such a laugh and I am thankful for each of them.

Grateful For

This week I am grateful to finally have my curtains up in the lounge. Nathan hung them on Saturday and they make me very happy and look pretty cool too (in my opinion at least)! Our lounge is just about there and it feels good to have it feeling more homely and in a style we are happy with.

I am also grateful this week for my group of friends. Moving house isn’t an easy thing (however right and exciting it feels), but to have come to a place filled with such lovely people has been a huge blessing to me. I know so many great people here and I am thankful for my little crew I see most days and who have become great mates to me over these last few months. I have chatted and hung with various friends this week from the village and each one has enriched my day, but I am especially grateful for the kindness of my friends on Friday in surprising me with H&M love and a delish cake, as well as just wanting to spend time together! I am grateful for them being so lovely and funny, kind and always up for lots of laughs – they made my week!

Succeeded At

I want to say I survived the week and got the kids to school every day on time – so I will, because for some reason it really has been nuts and seemed nigh impossible some days!

I succeeded at fitting into my denim shirt more comfortably – thanks to So Shape and their products I reviewed this week. Granted, with all of the treats from Friday night that’s probably being reversed now, but I managed it so that’s a high 5!

We also succeeded at doing a few more things in the lounge and as I say getting the curtains up.

Found Beauty In

This week started off beautifully, with a mild Monday which saw us having a beach walk with friends. It was such a clear day and the beach was calm and peaceful that it really filled my soul with joy. Alice enjoyed splashing in the pools, throwing stones and collecting shells. It was such a beaut of day – you could see for miles and it was lovely.

On Wednesday morning I woke up to find the kids all snuggled together on Ethan’s bed with him reading them all a story. It was one of those “pulling at mama’s heartstrings” moments and was incredibly beautiful. I find most mornings pretty mad with them all but this was a beautiful start to our day and I am glad that I could capture it.

This week has been mad but good too – we have eaten a lot of pancakes for breakfast, we have had drizzle and fog and we also had children in need where they dressed up as teachers or in something spotty. I have loved spending time with my mates throughout the week, learning new techniques at college and getting more of our home in order. I had fun on Wednesday with Nath’s mum and sister and Alice and I found a new deli in Beverley which was lush for lunch!

Yes, it has been a mad week, but it has also been balanced out with beautiful moments too. There isn’t a lot planned this coming week other than I hope to make a start with the Christmas shopping (when did that creep up on us?). Here’s hoping it is filled with bargains and joy, and isn’t too cold!

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