#MyHeartyLife | #30 – A certificate, Beach day’s & plagued by illness!

This week has been fantastic! We have spent 3 days at various beaches up the Yorkshire coast – each in different and equally fab company. We have loved being able to pack a picnic, grab our beach gear and just play all day on the shore in the sun! It has been both relaxing and adventurous to swim in the sea and sample seaside goodies, and we have loved these days together.

Unfortunately though midweek, both Nathan and I started feeling ill and have now ended the week with incredibly painful throats, dry coughs and feeling all rather chesty with little energy. Little Alice too isn’t doing so great, so we have spent this weekend at home downing hot water and honey, watching movies and resting where we can whilst coughing our heads off!

Grateful For 

I am grateful this week for wonderful friends in the village. A bunch of us went up to Hunmanby Gap on Wednesday for the day with all of our kids and it was such fun. We chatted, laughed, swam and the kids played non stop for a good 6 hours. I was so happy to be there in that moment and have since felt grateful to have found such great people that are on the same level as me and are a bit nuts too. I am grateful that they have good kids that get on so well with mine and who are lovely friends for each other. We had a really lovely day that made us all feel great joy!

This week I am also grateful again to be living closer to the coast so we could enjoy 3 trips to the beach. I am grateful to have finally had a waffle on the harbour (Nutella, banana and cream – it was lush) and to have spent time with my littlest sister and her girls. I am also grateful to have received my certificate from college!

Succeeded At

I just succeeded at finding some deals in the ZARA online sale yesterday (now lets hope they look as good on me!). And also succeeded at passing my Level 3 counselling course!! I went on Thursday to collect my certificate and it felt so flipping good! It wasn’t easy to study around kids for a topic that at times was hugely sensitive and hard, but I did it and I passed. I am so proud of my little certificate.

Found Beauty In 

The beach and seaside of course! I absolutely love the beach, especially in the Summer. I love seeing my kids enjoy it and I have loved swimming in the sea and generally soaking up the Yorkshire Coast – such a beautiful and happy place to be!

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