#MyHeartyLife | #25

Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine – how good for the soul this last weeks weather has been. I have loved it and feel excited that we have more ahead of us. This week has been nothing spectacular – our usual day to day routines and chores, but we did have a sneaky picnic on Tuesday for lunch which made it feel a little less ordinary.

I love that the kids school allow them to have home lunch, and so with the weather and this new info, I went and picked them up Tuesday and we had a mad hour on the park and eating a picnic lunch together before I returned them to school for the afternoon!

Grateful For 

This week I have been grateful for the sun, for living closer to the coast and for a date night to the cinema with Nath on Friday night. After a crazy week we went to see Ocean’s 8 and both really enjoyed the time together to be out alone together and the film itself – we kinda like those heist type films!

Succeeded At 

I succeeded at getting Alice some new shoes (she is already VERY fussy) and finishing off our dining table – I painted it and added a colourful table cover as it felt to plain for me! I am pleased with how it looks.

Found beauty In 

The kids chatting to Poppy at her grave and loving her new memorial stone. The beautiful countryside as I walked to soft play and back this week. And the beautiful blue sea as we went to the coast Friday and Saturday evening! I took the kids on their bikes on the train – we were supposed to go swimming but as the adult to kid ratio wasn’t on point, we instead had a walk/bike ride along the prom, played pirate golf and then went to grandma’s house! It was such a lovely evening with my kids and they were super well behaved. I loved being out and about with them and having fun together!

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