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Hello to you all on this lovely bank holiday weekend – I hope it is proving to be either relaxing or productive for you so far, and that you are looking forward to that extra day off tomorrow! How cool is it to be British and have these bonus holidays? I love it, and the opportunity it brings to have Nathan at home with us!

This week has been a rather busy one and also productive too. I have been out most nights which has been a real treat (albeit very tiring) – On Monday it was to the theatre, Wednesday to college, Thursday to a concert with Nath. Then this weekend we have spent most of Saturday decorating our kitchen whilst the oldest 2 have been at Grandma’s for a cousin sleepover. I am really pleased with how it looks, and can’t wait to do the conservatory tomorrow to compliment it!

In all of this I have been struggling with what has now been diagnosed as a kidney infection and consequently are on a course of antibiotics and feeling a little rough to say the least. I know I need to slow down, and rest (which I have done since coming home from church today), but I keep thinking that if I can just finish off our conservatory tomorrow I will be incredibly happy and feel very accomplished. Then I can chill out with the kids over half term, and enjoy our new space!

Grateful For…

This week I am super grateful for my sister for babysitting all 3 kids for us on Thursday so that we could go to a concert together. Back in December I bought Nathan Bryan Adams Tickets for Christmas, not only did this gain me a gazillion wifey points, but it meant that we were able to have a brilliant night out to Manchester Arena on Thursday! It was epic, and so much fun – a brilliant concert I would highly recommend!

Succeeded At…

Wallpapering for the first time, painting the kitchen, and beginning the conservatory (it has lots of ugly blinds we need to take down and generally needs freshening up). Suddenly our house is feeling more stylish and I am loving it!

I also succeeded at handing in my 3rd unit for college – it was all about Ethics/Ethical practice. I now only have 2 weeks to go (after half term) and will by then hopefully have finished my case study, 2 smaller units and summarized my journals to put in my portfolio! It feels great!

Found Beauty in…

One thing I always find so amazing at a music event or show, is that you are with thousands of people you don’t know and yet are unified by the one thing that brought you there. I love to look around and think “wow, we all share the same interest here and don’t even know one another”! I love singing with strangers or laughing together – it is a beautiful thing and something I always find so interesting.

It was a beautiful sight on Thursday, to look over the audience and see all the little phone lights swaying in sync as Bryan Adams performed “Everything I do, I do it for you”! I was blown away and it was lovely – I am glad I got to be a part of that. I found a lot of beauty in the whole evening, from the spirit of Manchester following the attack last year, to spending time with Nathan, enjoying classic tunes live, and singing with strangers!

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