My Life Lately | Mid April 2019

Life lately has been a whirlwind of school holiday outings, assignments and working on one thing or another (it’s never ending isn’t it?). And as if I wasn’t already busy enough being a mum of 3, a student with just over a year left, a blogger and who knows what else, I am now in the process of starting a new business venture which came about due to a lack of child care where we live.

You see, in recent weeks I have been updating my CV and applying for jobs in PR, Social media and marketing – they all looked so interesting and something I felt I would be really good at too whilst I train to be a counsellor. Working more now that the kids are getting older also seemed like a good idea to increase our income and for me to have some variety in life. But, I quickly realised (like other parents here) that id be stumped (especially in school holidays) with childcare – because there really is a huge lack of it in our area. I also realised, that despite some amazing potential opportunities, I didn’t want to give up studying (I really want to get my counselling qualification and eventually do that) and nor did I want to give up being at home and doing at least one school run a day and catching all of their cute little things during the day time too. This realisation made me think I was rushing a process that a year in September would be happening anyway, and more naturally when Alice starts full time school. And so with this realisation (and desire to be around for the kids more) as well as an obvious opportunity to increase our own income stream, I am pulling out my creativity to attempt to build an after school and holiday club!

I must be mad – but I am also excited and passionate. I never envisioned I would be, or even want to work in childcare, but this process over the last few weeks has lead me to it and I am flooded with ideas, so I hope I can pull it off and not fall before it’s even began. Like I say – It isn’t my dream job, but it enables me to be at home with the kids, have fun and be creative, and also make some money in the process. I am quite looking forward to doing this for a few years around our family, as it enables me to be at home with them and also do my counselling and blogging alongside it all too. I’ll let you know how it goes – if it even gets off the ground – I am a dreamer sometimes!

Aside from working on all of that and making enquiries and planning potential sessions, I would say life lately has left me pretty exhausted. I have also had 2 days swimming and an evening at inflatanation this last week and I am noticing my age!! Yes, School holidays are tiring, but we’re having a lot of fun and I love them to be able to let go a little of our routines and be the fun, spontaneous mama I imagine myself being.


I am loving that it is the school holiday’s and I don’t have to get up too early. I am also loving that Mother’s day this year felt a lot more gentle than it has done in a while – with chocolates, tulips, a new T-shirt and even some special little gifts from their schools secret shop – I was truly spoilt. One of my favourites however was most definitely the handmade pictures and cards from them all – I find it hard not having one of my kids here, but boy do they try and make up for it, and for that, and their individual traits and love, I love them so much.

At the moment I am also loving lighter nights, Easter Chocolate, Aldi’s version of Halo ice cream and mint Oreos! (There we go again being heavily food influenced). I am loving plenty of trips to the coast and the prospect of travel plans and holiday’s on the horizon.


The last few weeks (I am ashamed to admit) I have been binge watching all 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars. I vaguely remember a couple of the earlier episodes, but honestly wish I had gotten into it when I wasn’t 34 and a mum of energetic kids. Late nights most nights have done me no good to keep up with them and yet most nights I have snuggled down and watched another dozen! (Slight exaggeration – but maybe not!).

So yes, Pretty Little Liars has been my biggest watch this last month or so. I have mostly enjoyed it, but also found it a little tedious and repetitive towards the end!

In other news I finished watching this years “The Voice UK” as well as a few other Netflix films – One of my favourites being “Isn’t it Romantic” – too funny and The Shack. The Shack was an interesting one; it was tense in places, emotional and also hugely inspiring. It has stayed with me since watching it and I really like (mostly) films that have that impact and leave you pondering on it.

I have also enjoyed watching Hello Dolly! with my 2 of my sisters the other night, Made in Dagenham with my mum and then Annie with the Kids a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely love the theatre – it makes me so happy, I can’t even put into words  – and I am truly grateful for all of the press nights I get to attend and review these spectacular performances. It is such a passion and interest of mine and I love to be sat in and be in theatres with friends and family.


I was thinking if I counted the numerous bedtime stories and board books I read every day, then I’d have quite a collection to report to you on. Turns out though I don’t think 25,000 versions of “Marley Bear” with Alice quite cuts it for reading this month.  I have however read a super deep and interesting book (for adults) called “The Undiscovered Self” (by Carl Jung). It is a counselling theory book that I read in preparation for my latest assignment and I found it really interesting to understanding more about ourselves and society.

Listening to 

We have been spending most car journey’s listening to Green Day “American Idiot” and I love having it back in my life! I have also been listening to the Annie Soundtrack since seeing a couple of weeks ago with the kids – boy I love musicals!


This month has been heavily about leopard print (Surprise). I bought these trousers from H&M as well as a lovely black jumper, red tassel earrings and a cool £3.99 Leopard print T-shirt from there too – all of which I really love and were bargainous. I haven’t had much time or desire to go thrifting recently, but am looking forward to a charity shop visit with my friend this week and the Car boot sales starting up again now we are into Spring.

These last few weeks have been busy and a little nuts, but I am beginning to think that that is just life as mum – crazy, joyful and hard all at the same time! During March I was really unwell for a good 2 weeks with my Asthma and a chest infection, but things are good now, and I am looking forward to these new ventures, another week of school holidays with the kids, Easter next week and getting closer to finishing my first year of Counselling. In recent weeks I have been on lovely walks with friends, theatre visits and a baby shower with my in laws.

Right now though I am feeling rather giddy as we are booking a Summer holiday to Valencia tomorrow/Tuesday. It looks stunningly beautiful and super interesting for everything we like to do – beach, water parks, history and culture. I am so excited that Summer is on the horizon and we have some adventures and travels to look forward to and I hope this holiday will be a little more chilled and relaxing.

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