Life Lately | September 2021

Life lately has been a bit of a struggle. The transition from Summer into Autumn always feels a little sad to me; as we leave behind those lovely warm beach days, adventures and all being together on the daily. September – with Poppy’s anniversaries and back to school (as well as the drop in weather), often leaves me feeling incredibly reflective, rather sad and somewhat dull too. It’s a difficult time of year and though each year I try to prepare, now 7 years in, I just accept that it isn’t the easiest of months for our family.

This September our Eldest also entered his last year of primary school and the last couple of weeks I have been poorly with a heavy cold and chest infection too. We have celebrated Poppy’s 7th birthday, been touring high schools and thinking about a whole host of life related things – with all of these my brain feels full, my emotions a little wrought and I am feeling worn out and generally reflective on life.

I am grateful for October now to provide birthday’s, a wedding anniversary and half term to give us a much needed break and several things to enjoy and look forward to.


At the moment I am loving being on maternity leave and spending time watching Oscar grow and change. He is such a delight and makes me smile!

Over September I returned to work temporarily and did my keeping in touch days/shifts. I remembered how much I love being with the elderly, and though many elements of the care sector are intense and emotional, it was lovely to help and be with such amazing people. I decided however/with changes to the sector from the Government, to not return to work early, but take my full 12 months mat leave. It is not only a lot to balance with a baby in the mix now, but I have some big decisions to make and I know I want to be with him that bit longer at home.

I am also loving new friends for lunch dates, my new upgraded phone (Samsung S20 FE) and a family party we had a couple of weeks ago for my sister in laws 30th. All have enhanced my life recently.


Returning the theatre was absolutely one of my faves this month. We went to the press night of School of Rock and LOVED it! It was great to be back in the theatre and watching live performances again.

Recently I have watched more designated survivor (almost finished that one) and we also started watching Help on channel 4. If you haven’t yet seen it, it is a drama about a care home during the pandemic last year – quite dramatic and quite sadly reflective in some ways of it too. It is sad, so be warned!

I have also watched the season of Chesapeake Shores, started Married at First sight UK (always a laugh) and am loving weekly Bake off with the kiddos.

Film wise we thoroughly enjoyed Skater Girl on Netflix – wonderful and inspiring family film!

Listening to 

Last weekend we had a date out to see a Coldplay tribute band, It was such a great night and the group were actually really good and very talented. I loved listening to some of my fave Coldplay songs with my love, having a dance and “letting our hair down” kid free for a couple of hours!

Day to day I have been listening to my ever changing spotify playlists – my faves at the moment being a mix of Taylor swift, Hamilton songs, Imagine dragons, The Score etc and my guilty pleasure – “She thinks my Tractors Sexy” by Kenny Chesney! HA


The last couple of weeks I have been buying things for E turning 11 next week. He really wanted some of the Lidl trainers (go on!), which I managed to get before they all went, as well as books, Merch and is always a fan of Lego too. I picked up a Technic Lego set in Tesco where they have 40% off some sets with a clubcard which I was very pleased with (would be ideal for christmas gifts too)! It was £21 in the end so I thought that was good for a Technic set. Another bargain I grabbed him was a Hydration backpack from Mountain Warehouse outlet on ebay for when we go hiking and he is out on his bike too. It was £16 I think and was over half off the RRP. I didn’t realise they had an ebay outlet, but if you like outdoor gear and are looking for a bargain then I would totally recommend it.

Aside from these and kitting out the kids with a few additions for the changing season, for myself I haven’t really bought that much recently. I do need to get on Vinted though and boost my look for Autumn/Winter. With being pregnant this time last year my wardrobe right now just feels uninspiring and a little old! A few new jumpers and blouses will make all the difference and with my birthday next month a new coat and boots will be the icing on the cake (really hope Mr Smith reads this one)!


Last weekend we took the kids rock climbing and then had a lovely walk in the wolds Saturday. We haven’t had that many weekends where we have been out and done things. With working various shifts to “keep in touch”, it has included weekends and so these have been kept local and low key. I am however really craving a weekend hike somewhere lovely and a trip to a city and museums too.

Time is flying by and over the next couple of weeks we will be celebrating our eldest turning 11, 12 years married and then before we know it prepping for winter and Christmas! I am looking forward to half term on the horizon and rescheduled plans from last years lock-down. I hope with a little more rest and talking things out to make some plans, I will be back to feeling more energised soon.

This Month I am Grateful For:

*Honey and lemon when suffering with a cold
*Not having Covid – just seasonal illness
*Friends who remember
*Celebrating heavenly birthdays and remembering
*Education and new opportunities
*Being able to work and earn money
*Spontaneous outings
*A concert date
*Being able to be home with the baby

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