My Life Lately | September 2019

On Saturday, following a morning trip to the cinema, we found ourselves on Newland Ave in Hull! If you know Hull, then you will be aware that this area of Hull (close to the University) is well known for being very multicultural and, the array of independent shops and eating establishments reflect this. In a nutshell, I loved it – wandering up and down and perusing charity shop after charity shop, whilst also sampling foods from other lands – I was totally in my element! We bought some sweet breads in a Polish Bakery and I had the most delicious spicy Falafel wrap from a Lebanese place. For a brief couple of hours it made me feel like we were miles away, and filled me with wanderlust! I am just excited to know that next month is our 10 Year wedding anniversary and we are very much in talks of a kid free break (*happy dance) and so I hopefully won’t have to wait too long for another wonderful adventure.

A lot has happened since my last “life lately” post – with wrapping up a great Summer and also finding myself at minor injuries around August Bank holiday, in need of a foot X ray! I went after Ethan had dropped a full water bottle on the top of my foot, because (a) it blooming hurt and (b) was bruised and swollen and walking was proving virtually impossible because of said pain. Thankfully it wasn’t broken, but it caused me some trouble for a week or 2 after, and sums up the fact that life with kids in it is always rather eventful.

Since then, they have returned to school and things around here have quieted down a bit.I have been grateful for both the time and headspace to be able to focus a little bit more on me and my goals. I have been able to secure a part time job at our local old folks home (co-ordinating activities – I am really excited for it) and returning to college for my final year of Level 4! I have been trying to process another year and birthday without Poppy (which has taken a lot of energy and mind space for a good chunk of September), but I am feeling a little more balance as we turn the calendar and head into October.

Returning to college has certainly helped me to regroup too, as it has given me something to focus on and look forward to. I am grateful that I have shifted from being worried and unsure, to pumped and excited. I know the next few months are going to be quite gruelling, and also busy, but I am excited to be heading towards the goal of becoming a counsellor, and then deciding which area I want to specialise in or study further at depth – it’s such an exciting thing for me to think about.

Life lately has been about planning our 10 Year anniversary, getting into a new routine, and looking forward to another year of counselling training. The weeks are busy, but so far our weekends have been chilled and lovely. Saturday especially was a little bit different and exciting…chilled and tatsy!

Loving – Lately I am loving Wetherspoons lunches with friends, warm Autumn days, kid free days in the week to get stuff done and lovely friends who helped me through Poppy’s anniversary!

Watching – For the last few weeks I have been totally obsessed with watching “Queer Eye” on Netflix – Have you seen it?My friend recommended it to me earlier in the Summer and I finally got to watch in August. I love it because of how accepting they are of everyone they meet, and how they take them from a broken and low state, to building them up and igniting a joy for life and self again. I love the physical and mental transformations, as well as the home improvements too. It leaves me emotional after almost every episode because it’s so heartwarming – and very funny too!

I love those fab 5 , they are spreading a great message and I have loved watching several seasons!

I also watched Poldark season 4 on a duvet day – it was so good/intense! And I have recently started on the latest season of the cheese fest that is “Chesapeake Shores”. It is easy watching and wholesome.

Nathan and I have watched a couple of Netflix films on date night that were alright, but more excitingly we have started watching the latest season of suits too. We are excited for The Apprentice this week on BBC and look forward to that tradition we have had since we started dating!

Reading – Once again my reading habits have been diabolical! I am still slowly and surely working my way through “How I rescued my brain”, which is super interesting. It is an easy read, but gives a great insight into Psychotherapy/Psychiatry and also the effects of stroke. It is such a fascinating journey the author experienced and I don’t want to rush it!

I have also been reading random chapters of counselling books online to broaden my understanding – I am so rock n roll!

Listening to – I spend my life listening to random Youtube recommended playlists whilst I clean and work, so everyday is different. But I am loving the 2002 song and “One last time” by Ariana! As well as The Lighthouse family for a bit of chill and nostalgia (how good were they back in the 90’s though?). I also found my Adele 21 CD the other day in the car and, I love how much the kids like it too; we have had “set fire to the rain” cranked up and playing on repeat on most of our journeys and it has been lovely to have a family sing song!

Bought – Honestly I really haven’t bought much in the last few weeks for myself because I have been sticking to the “Second hand for September” pledge for Oxfam. I broke it on the kid front as they needed new shoes and Autumn clothes, but for me I am pleased to say that aside from swim wear in the Asda sale for a fiver, I very much stuck to it! I did treat myself to a khaki green T from Primark right at the end of the Summer – I went for a man’s small and it was not only a bargain at a couple of quid, but a much better choice than a women’s because Its longer on the sleeve and length and the neck is a little higher too. A great colour and basic for this time of year!

This weekend I also bought some peroxide to bleach my roots and some more purple shampoo – it looks pretty nice too for DIY. My hair is definitely brighter, roots blended, but possibly needs toning on them slightly longer!!

Visited – Lately we have been to Thornton-Le-Dale for a walk, Pickering for the steam railway to Whitby and then a couple of weeks ago, Alice and I caught the Bus to Burton Agnes Hall and had a visit with my friend and her kids which was really lovely. I have said so many times how I find joy in historic houses, and this was a lovely visit to ignite joy.

Each changing season causes me to reflect on how we live in such a lovely part of the country and I am grateful to not only have the Yorkshire wolds and coast on our doorstep, but also York and Hull (even though I make fun of it A LOT) are also in easy access – as well as many other lovely places too. I have enjoyed walks in the country this month and exploring cities too… I really hope we can get that trip booked in very soon for Nathan and I as I cannot wait to wander places undiscovered to us.

Life lately has been great overall. It has certainly been a bit foggy (September always is) and it has had some hard days because of that. But it has also been filled with hopeful ambition, excitement and some lovely local adventures. I feel lately I have learnt a lot more about myself, and in so doing, have been more accepting and confident within myself.

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