My Life Lately | October – November 2019

There has been such an array of emotions and things happening in life lately that I can hardly keep up with it! We have had our 10 year anniversary last month, followed quickly by half term and a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam (post coming soon) and then Halloween fun around the village to wrap up October. Bonfire night was a big hit last weekend at my sister in laws, and then my 35th Birthday was on Friday. It was a low key day, but also there are still lots of things we still plan on doing for it with my pals, sisters and a date with Nathan (when we can squish it all in of course). I’ve realised this year just how much I really love November – of course that has a lot to do with it being my birthday and so many celebrations, treats and gifts around that, but aside from that (and the drop in temperature and darker nights which I do not like), I love it because I love bonfire night, Remembrance day and the lovely things we get to do each November for all of these things. It is the final step before Christmas season starts and I think it’s just a great time of year to feel joy, gratitude for life and freedom, and for me personally – an increase of love from the people around me!

Remembrance Sunday yesterday has by far been the most sobering and humbling of all of those November events so far, and it is a day that fills me with a lot of emotion and feeling.The songs, poems, readings and silences take me back to the years I spent as an air cadet and I often feel a sense of regret that I never joined the RAF! But more importantly than me and those feelings, is that they take me back to the family stories I have heard of our ancestors who fought and, they take me to each war grave, each prisoner of war camp and battle ground I have visited and stood at to see for myself and pay respect to those affected by war… what horrific things they faced because of evil. I feel such respect and honour for those who are the peacemakers in this world and who gave so much for us. Those who suffered so so much – I hope we never forget that.

I would like to think that in life at the moment I am now pretty much into the swing of my new job – it is fun and I feel good about what I am doing. But, i’ll also be honest with the fact that I am not quite into the swing of balancing everything else with work in the mix! The house is getting out of hand at times, the ironing pile the biggest it’s been in months, and my assignment that is due on Thursday? Yeah not started yet! I find this aspect hard, but I hope it will balance out soon.

So yeah, life lately has been madness, but I have also been loving it too. We have seen a shift in what our normal now is, but it’s also really good and I have loved having events to attend, opportunities to be with family and reasons to celebrate, reflect on life and hang out more together.

Loving – At the moment I am loving roast beef and coleslaw sandwiches from the local farm shop on my lunch breaks, the fact we got a bonus little adventure to Amsterdam during in half term and being showered with lots of love and delicious things for my birthday. I am loving that I have some cash gifts from family to get some new boots and jeans (oh yeah!) and I am loving my job!

Watching – On my birthday we watched “The Kid who would be King” as a family whilst scoffing pizza (living my best life obvs)! I have wanted to see it since I saw the trailer and it did not disappoint. You would assume it was a kids film, which technically it is, but man it is sooooo funny!! I loved it all and the humour is on point. I also love all of the great messages with in it too… so much so that I think it will be this years family movie for Christmas!

Working lots (I took on some overtime) has meant that I am often too tired or busy with other things to watch as much Netflix on a night that I once did (gutted!) but I have managed to finish all of this last and final season of Suits with Nath (so sad that that is over) as well as watching the new series of The Apprentice – which is always good for a laugh (and lots of angry shouting at the screen!).

Reading – Lets just not go there! I have massively failed on that front!

Listening to – I am a little embarrassed to admit it but, I may have been listening to a lot of Christmas music this week! I think I am embracing the joy and excitement that I feel for it at the moment, which is really refreshing as it was lost for a long while in grief. I have also been listening a lot to musical soundtracks, British patriotic type songs and war songs for work!

Bought – I have been trying really hard to think of things I have bought recently that I would want to share, and you know what? I think this is quite possibly the only month I haven’t bought anything…well, beyond a tree decoration in Amsterdam! I suppose that is a really good thing isn’t it? But something about admitting that out loud kind of makes me want to go charity shopping now, and I am of course looking forward to buying those new boots and jeans soon too!

Visited – Last week we were in Amsterdam which was by far the most exciting place I have been to recently. We got a mega deal from Newcastle for all 5 of us on the ferry return for £120 which was incredible! It was a lovely mild Autumnal day there, and the sea was thankfully calm on both crossings too. Such a pretty place.

I loved visiting 2 of my sisters at church the other week and having dinner together, as well as visiting family in Pontefract last weekend for bonfire night, a sleepover, church and dinner too. It is so nice to all be together in church.

Life lately has been really lovely, varied, adventurous and filled with love – I am grateful for it and excited to celebrate my b’day more in the coming weeks with friends and family. I cannot believe I am “mid 30’s” now and closer to 40, but life is good and I feel truly blessed for the life and people in it, that I have at this age.

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