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Life lately has been full of changes – the biggest being moving from our home in the countryside, and into Grandma’s house. It was an exhausting week to end the month, which saw endless hours of packing, shifting, lifting (as well as dropping), and deep cleaning. And then we have spent these past few days trying to settle into a new rhythm, unpack the few things we have here with us, and generally just get some much needed rest.

We are excited to be here and for what lies on the Horizon (if you follow my Instagram, then you will be aware that that is a massive move to Kuwait in a few weeks – which I will blog more about in a few days I’m sure). I feel with such massive changes looming in the kids life, the comfort, familiarity and excitement of being with (and at) Grandma’s house for a few weeks will do them the world of good.


At the moment I am loving the garden views from the room we are staying in – it’s so peaceful here and makes me feel like we are away for a little while! Just what one needs after weeks of chaos and crazy! I am also loving (as always) that it is currently half term and that we don’t have anywhere urgent to be – so nice to slow down and chill for a little bit.

I am also loving the Strawberry cooler from Starbucks. It is coconut milk and strawberries with ice and super scrummy!


I’ve just finished season 2 of The Home Edit – love it. Thoroughly enjoyed both the banter and the amazingly organised transformations that took place in peoples homes. On a more sinister note of things that take place in people’s homes, we have also started a murder documentary on Netflix – eeeeekkkk! It’s quite intense in places so we only watch it here and there, but it is mind blowing!

Film wise we really enjoyed The Courier a couple of weeks ago for date night; it’s based on a true story and is about a business man that end up being recruited to be a spy in Soviet Russia for British intelligence during the Cuban Missile crisis. We really enjoy stuff like that and it was super interesting to watch.

This month we also saw The Score live last night and watched Teechers Leavers ’22 last week at Hull Truck, which was good too (ooo what a great social life we are having these days).


This to many will sound a little nerdy (and I almost didn’t want to write it for that reason), but I do me, and so will share that I have been reading the Old Testament a lot recently as part of my religious study. And, when I have had time to read these last few weeks that has been my priority. I have been making an effort to delve into Hebrew and also the history and geography around it all. I am nowhere near a scholar, but it has deepened my understanding of it and its all rather interesting!

I am hoping while we are here at Grandma’s house (and I have a little less to do) I might have some time here and there to finally read the 2 books on my night stand – one is about the damage of modern life on kids (and what we can do about it), the other is a true story from a concentration camp in WW2! Here’s hoping ay!

Listening to 

We constantly have on the Joseph soundtrack on in the car at weekends currently – the kids absolutely love it and guaranteed will sing a long word for word! As well as that gem, we have also been listening to The Score in prep for the concert, lots of cheesy old school pop songs to get through packing, and also I have been enjoying listening to my love songs playlist to chill (which usually only comes out around our anniversary and Valentines).


I’d like to say a new house, but we keep getting out bid, or just can’t seem to find one that we feel happy investing so much into! I honestly haven’t bought a whole lot recently as i’ve been too busy. I am hoping now things are a little more settled though to get myself some new summer things and trainers!


Aside from what feels like another 20 house viewings, life hasn’t been overly exciting in the visiting department. At the beginning of the month though (it might even have been the end of April, I can’t quite remember), we did visit the Yorkshire dales for the day and enjoyed Hiking up Ingleborough. It was hard going in places, but well worth the trek, and was generally a wonderful day out! We also has a great little wolds walk a couple of weeks ago that took us along the river and near the nature reserve outside of Driffield.

As summer approaches, and as we get ready to leave England for a little while, we are hoping that the weather will step it up in the coming weeks and we can have plenty of adventures up here in Yorkshire. We hope to get to the beach plenty, walk, maybe do another mountain, hopefully swim in a river or 2 and definitely see lots of family and friends!

We have Megs turning 10 next week (I can’t believe it), as well as lots of other family birthdays in June, so we anticipate a month of celebrations too. Wow May, what a change you brought us with completing on our much loved home and sending us into a place of both excitement and uncertainty.. Come on June, bring us some sunshine and adventures, and a new home (not much to ask for right?).


*The fact the move went well (more so that it’s now over)
*Finding a storage unit to meet our needs and budget
*Grandma letting us live here for a few weeks
*Seeing The Score Live
*Hiking up a mountain
*Spending more time together for half term
*Going to the theatre with Nath
*Lovely sunsets
*A rain coat!

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