Life Lately | March – April 2020

Well hello May! How the heck did we get here? Last time I checked wasn’t it March?

The last few weeks have been so surreal and yet, whilst life is kinda on the same cycle week in week out at the moment, I still wanted to document these unique moments to remember what we were doing and feeling in March/April 2020 and the great Covid Pandamic!!

I sometimes wonder in all of this if in years to come, will we really be able to recall clearly what life was like in March – April 2020 (and the weeks and months following)? Because right now, it all kind of blurs into one and is just a strange time to be in, but is obviously such an historic period too. Some days I can’t quite believe how vastly different life is to what it was 6 or 7 weeks ago. And then I think for those who have been more severely affected, it will be hard not to remember exactly what happened during these times – so sad!

Life lately has been so very different for us all. For me, it has been very much about working overtime, Covid chat and updates on the news, country walks and home schooling my 3 kids (though the youngest tends to play most of the day)! Instead of planning and packing for my Tenerife trip next week and Istanbul trip a few weeks later, I am instead on this seeming never-ending cycle of working, Netflix and finding new ways to keep the kids enjoying life in lock down! And lets not forget social distancing, cheap fuel and a lack of flour?!

At the same time though, I am in many ways enjoying these days that are more chilled. I like going to work and bantering with my colleagues and when I am not at work, it has been mostly fun being with the kids – playing, walking, learning and having time to try new things. I love that most days we awake naturally and there isn’t a mad rush about. I love that we notice and are grateful for the small things in life.

Six weeks ago, in mid March life was very different. Life was quite full on and I had just started my counselling placement and was on the first step towards completing my placement hours – becoming a counsellor felt in my reach. I had my new clients, my supervisor and I was looking forward to accelerating towards the reality of being a “real counsellor/therapist”. Now though, with this indefinite lock down, that goal seems so much further away. Honestly, if I stop and think about it, I would say that having to continue on my course for so many more months than expected (and not knowing how long it will take to get my hours done as I can’t start again until social distancing is lifted) it is really quite disheartening and a bit stressful. Out of all of this covid stuff, aside from being rather quite poorly for 4 weeks – that area of my life for me has been one of my biggest struggles.

I was so excited to finish my course this year and yet now I have no idea if it will be a possibility or if it will be a further year instead. Consequently it has a knock on effect in my plans/progress as my further progression and study all has to be pushed back too as a result. When you have worked so hard and are at last on the final stretch, its very hard to think about the fact you have to wait so much longer to reach that goal! It does get me down, but at the moment I am trying hard to also focus on whats happening right now and make the best of it!

Loving – In March and April I am loving the solidarity of most of the country – the rainbows in many windows, Thursday night “Clap for NHS/Key Workers” and all the goodness people are showing to others. It is so nice to see the light shining in a difficult time.

As already stated I am also loving slower mornings, homeschooling the kids, family country walks and baking with the kids. I was loving Easter eggs, but that is a distant memory now!

Watched – Flip me – a load of stuff!!! I can’t remember it all but I will share with you the highlights of the last few weeks. It begins with Disney plus…When Nath and I were really poorly a couple of weeks ago, we caved and got Disney plus so we could rest! So far though it has been great and winning choice! As a family we have seen A Wrinkle in Time, the new Lady and The Tramp, Mrs Doubtfire and Honey I shrunk the kids (classics!)

I watched Belgravia on ITV in a weekend – it was great, especially if you like period dramas. Some twists and turns and a few on the edge of your seat moments! I also watched a gritty Film on Netflix with Nath for date night that we really liked called “A Fall From Grace” – it was unpredictable and a little creepy in places!

Right now though I am hooked on “How to live Mortgage Free” on Netflix! People are so creative and we are certainly inspired by the unique ways to create a home. Each weekend we also watch “Story Of God” on Netflix – I have learnt so much about other religions and theology – it is a fascinating documentary that I am really into and has 3 seasons!

We continue to watch and enjoy White Collar too.

Read – I was excited in the first few weeks of quarantine to have finished ‘Braving the wilderness’. I keep meaning to put a review on here for you all but then I get busy (I will try next week). One of my favourite quotes in it says:

“The more we diminish our own pain, or rank it compared to what others have survived, the less empathic we are to everyone. When we surrender our own joy to make those in pain feel less alone or to make ourselves feel less guilty or seem more committed, we deplete ourselves of what it takes to feel fully alive & fuelled by purpose…the goal is to get to the place where we can think ‘I am aware of what’s happening, the part I play and how I can make it better, and that doesn’t mean I have to deny the joy in my life…”

It is such a motivational, empowering and thought provoking book!

I actually thought I might read loads in lock down, however that isn’t the case – at least not personal reading anyway! I have read a lot with the kids when we have done our History and other learning activities and we are also reading Matilda at the moment together, but aside from that, not much personal reading accomplishments here! Sorry guys.

Listened to – All sorts. Spotify is still my fave and these last few weeks I have been listening to a lot of High school musical, Aladdin and Bugsy Malone with the kids. We all really love ‘Wolves’ by Selena Gomez and ‘I’ll be there’ from Jess Glynn for a mid morning singing session!

Nath and I have loved listening to Blink 182 and Oasis and reliving the good old days! I have also had fun playing cheesy party tunes for the kids to do a weekly music and movement session to in our home learning (think Cha-cha slide, Macarana, Hokey Cockey etc).

Bought – Aside from food pretty much nothing…until this week! I ordered the kids some casual summer basics from H&M (then it started raining!) and for myself; some black skinny jeans and Tee from Zara – I love both. I have some heels in my basket at DP but not committing as they’re not super essential are they?? (please say yes!).

Visited – Local fields, neighbouring village and woodland on a walk and all the residents at work! Sorry, not very exciting!

During lock down I thought I might have an opportunity to finally de-clutter my kitchen cupboards (50% there), maybe use my daily exercise to start running or do some Yoga (anything is possible right?) or even try my hand at a tik tok dance video with the kids (HAAAA). Honestly though, we have done absolutely none of those things, but that’s totally fine too because we are doing our thing!

Whatever you are feeling or spending your time in lock down I hope you are all staying fairly sane and safe! We are all in this together and I look forward to days we can visit the beach, go camping, travel and see friends and family – hang on, brighter days will come!

This Month I am Grateful for:

*My Family
*My Home
*Being able to go out for daily walks
*Being able to get essential items and food
*My health and overcoming an awful chest infection/Covid-19 symptoms
*Monday night quizzes with family
*Less spending and more saving – we will be having an epic trip when this is all over!

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