Life Lately | June 2021

June has been flipping well lush; with days of beautiful sunshine, beach days, nature walks, lunches and cakes at the local farm shop with new friends (totally embracing mat leave over here) and even the bonus of a sun tan (whoop)! June saw me complete my goal to walk 100k to raise money (just over £400) for SANDS, and I feel so good for it. I’ll be honest – it was quite intense some days, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent out in nature (in all weather) and the peace it has brought to my heart and soul (exercising and soaking it in). It has been really quite wonderful! Some of my kilometres were done solo and others with family or friends by my side, but all were done remembering our dear Poppy and reflecting on certain elements of life. I am almost certain that I will continue walking with Oscar (and the other kids some evenings too) to help me keep fit, as it’s been both physically and mentally very good (plus the chocolate brownies and cream scones don’t seem so bad when I’ve walked 5 or 6k prior)!

I feel right now that I have so much to be thankful for this month and I have loved being with and celebrating all of our family members whose birthdays fall in June (9 I believe it is). We had fun for Megan’s 9th birthday and baptism, and celebrated Oscars blessing too. I enjoyed laughter and afternoon tea for my mum’s birthday and take out and Hamilton for my sisters. I have loved seeing my nieces and nephews little joyous smiles with their gifts and loved swimming in the sea most weekends too. It was lovely to express gratitude for the dads in our lives on fathers day, and to finally be able to attend my oldest friends Hen do (a wedding at last after 3 covid cancellations)!

Truly we have lots to be thankful for in June!


This month I am loving that Mr Smith and I had a lovely day date out with yummy food and mocktails (it has been far too long). I am loving that I was able to complete my goal and end up raising over £400 for Sands. My initial goal was just £150 but I obviously underestimated the generosity of others. I was so humbled to see the final total (£415 I think it was) and know first hand the amount of good that will do for those affected by the loss of a baby.

I am loving that I have made new mum friends with some great people – good for banter, deep life chat and they bring joy to my days hanging out with our little ones!

I love that this month we blessed Oscar at church and that Megs was baptised the same day – it was such a special and glorious day with our families, that everyone enjoyed together. I am also loving that I was able to make her a birthday cake and it turned out lush for once (lemon drizzle – yum) and I am loving the caramel brownies at the local farm shop that I just discovered (the chocolate orange caramel slice too – sheeeessshhhh)!


Of course I have been watching the Euros (mainly England obvs) but surprisingly I haven’t really watched that much else. I finished sewing bee and have started an older season that I missed; it makes me excited to sew… I really need to make time to sew more as I have some ideas of things I want to make/upcycle! I also watched Hamilton (really loved it) with my sisters and continue to watch Designated Survivor with Nath!

I am hoping in July to catch Cruella and also my sister in law told me about In the Heights which looks great too.

Listening to

I continue to have my days enriched listening to the same podcast channels as last month (they have been so good for my long walks in June), but this month I have also enjoyed listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack which my sister introduced me to when we watched it for her birthday. Like most musicals I watch, I loved it – my faves are My Shot, Helpless, The room where it happens and You’ll be back! I love that it has a rap influence to it; the mix of classical and rap are so good!


In June I bought a lovely tee and dress from vinted, too many cakes from the farm shop and more gravel for the garden. I got a great deal on a playmobil fire engine for Alice (£14 on Facebook) as well as a lovely wooden play gym for Oscar for a fiver!


We have stayed local in June and 3 of our weekends were spent at the coast. Once again we feel so fortunate to live a stones throw (okay 25 mins max) from the Yorkshire coast as its been brilliant to just chuck our wetsuits, snacks and the kids in the car and make the most of good weather. We had a walk around South landing and Danes dyke one weekend, swimming, sandcastles and body boarding on the south side at Bridlington another, and then the last weekend of the month saw us all have a scary, yet mega fun day with extended family at Thornwick bay when we underestimated the size of the waves!

I am more than ready for the Summer holidays now and the next 2.5 weeks of this term cannot be done with soon enough. I am looking forward to celebrating Alice turning 5, a family holiday and lots of trips to both old and new places. Hoping the sun shines plenty, we can make it to school on time and the kids enjoy their sports days (gutted we can’t watch)… in the meantime, cakes will just have to keep me going!


*A healthy body and stamina to walk in nature
*Sands and all they do (both for us and others)
*The beach & swimming in the sea
*Family and spending time with them
*My children being open and willing to talk to us
*A date out with Nath

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