Life Lately – February 2021

February has flown by and when I look back on February 2021 all I think is that on the whole, it has certainly been good to us. Whilst lock down has been tough some days, there has been some lovely moments and silver linings along the way – like a week of snow that brought fun and beauty to life, valentines day, pancake day and half term to chill out together. We embraced each one of these and made some lovely memories together as a family in the process.

Life lately has certainly improved and seems to be moving forward at a faster pace than when this year began; bringing with it so much more to look forward to. Lately though I have been feeling so wrecked and uncomfortable. I guess it is inevitable with being over 37 weeks preggers now and having 3 kids at home “schooling”! But even so, we are so close now to meeting baby and I am excited for that (albeit a little nervous too). I have been taking things easy where I can but still trying to keep fairly active and provide some joyful moments for the kids in the mix too to make life more lovely for us all.


This month I am loving that the nights are getting lighter and that there are signs of Spring peeking out all around – it is such an exciting and hopeful sight. I am also loving bread sticks – they are most definitely a craving that I can’t stop munching on! Super nice dipped in cream cheese or chocolate spread, but usually it’s just plain old bread sticks crunched away on one after the other!

I am also loving that we finally have some light at the end of the lock down tunnel. Of course I will believe it when I see it, but for now I am hopeful of some days out, get together’s, clubs and family hangout sessions not too far away!


This month I have been watching repeats of One Born Every minute! This time round I have found fascination in how differently we all respond to pain and labour and also how incredible and emotional birth is. It hasn’t at all scared or worried me, but rather in many ways prepared me for what lies ahead and to have a more open approach!

I have also enjoyed watching 22 kids and counting over on channel 5, more Glee reruns with Mr Smith and some great river documentaries with the kids on BBC Iplayer – the natural world is marvellous!

Film wise, we watched P.S I love you! for Valentines date night (with some posh food and treats) – such a great film and also watched Jungle for another date night. I don’t know if you have seen Jungle but it is quite intense and is one of those films that leaves you thinking for a while after with quite a few questions too (which I like). It stars Daniel Radcliffe and tells the true story of a group of backpackers that end up getting lost in the middle of the Bolivian Jungle. I liked how you had no idea what would happen and also how you see the various facets of human nature and the natural world. A little sweary here and there, but overall a really good film!


I am wondering if I should just remove this category from my life lately posts? I rarely have much to share as by the time I have time to read, I am too tired to focus on the text. I am still ploughing through “Still I rise” and continuing to enjoy it though. I am hoping to finish that one really soon and get stuck into more books in March, when I will be home feeding baby and surrounded by more quiet! Doable right?

Listening to

Well you know you are getting old when your kids start to introduce you to music! Ethan and Megan discovered “The Score” from a YouTube channel they watch (monitored and it’s quite an annoying one too – the channel, not The Score – they’re cool), but we frequently listen to them now as a family when in the car and really love the songs “Unstoppable” , “Born for this” and “Legends” – really empowering songs and I love how the whole family sing along to them – joyful times in life for sure!

I have also been listening to more Glee, hypnobirthing tracks (hopeful it helps) and a bit of old school stuff!


My bank balance will be pleased over this months purchases, and I am delighted to share (as usual) all were bargains! I picked up some new slippers for hospital/general life – I got some of the open flip flop fluffy type from Sainsbury’s and really like them (I only wish I had seen the mustard colour when I got mine) definitely useful and only £6. Also, this is really random, but I bought new swimwear this month! I submitted to a google AD and found some right deals! I am quite aware its use is months away, however I realised buying in the sale now means I get it so much cheaper than in season! I went for this swimsuit (size 12) and this 2 piece which offers so much support and looks great even now – I love it and love it is reversible too!

I also bought a seamless Bra which has been a game changer. They are so comfy and give a really good look; why I have never bought one sooner I don’t know, but totally plan on buying another (at least) now I know how comfy and good they are. Have you tried them? I picked mine up in a local “sells everything” store (Boyes) for £5 and its tremendous.


Obviously nowhere of real mention, but one highlight was certainly visiting the coast and having a walk from Sewerby to Danes Dyke and back again across the beach (near Bridlington here in East Yorkshire). We needed food shopping and so combined the visit with a lovely cliff top and beach walk – it was very much needed!

Well life is about to get a whole lot noisier, exciting and sleepless as we are now days away from welcoming our little boy this month. I have no major goals or plans for March, other than to get the kids back into school and to enjoy baby snuggles and establish some breast feeding whilst chilling/recovering during the day! I am pleased the days are feeling milder, we have mother’s day to look forward to and that the kids can get back to school. We also have Easter holidays not too far away and hopefully a few more options of how we can spend our time (outside of the home) – bring it on, an exciting month ahead for sure!

In February I am grateful for:

* Snow – it’s beauty and the joy and fun it brings
*Ice cream at the coast
*Being able to continue teaching the kids
*Baby looking good on all the scans
*Signs of Spring
*Mr Smith being so loving and patient when I whine and cry (hormones and general pregnancy)
*Family walks and talks


  1. March 19, 2021 / 6:11 pm

    Literally, this post of yours comforted me so much, just reading it brings joy to my day. I loved to write something like this one day about my life. My favorite part was the ice cream at the coast and I would love to do the same one day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences with us.

  2. March 20, 2021 / 2:35 pm

    You are making me want to watch Glee again!

    Danielle |

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