Life Lately | December 2020

As we find ourselves in the last few hours of this year, I feel grateful for a lovely December and Christmas enjoyed together. It goes without saying that it wasn’t half as busy or “happening” as initially anticipated (or as it usually is), but it has been really lovely nonetheless. We have enjoyed the festivities, the turkey dinner, the giving and receiving of gifts…the small and simple moments spent together and spreading Christmas cheer to others through our random acts of kindness. It really has been a wonderful time of year with joy (and lots of walks!) and despite the craziness that is affecting us all right now, we have most definitely made the most of the season.

In December Mr Smith turned 40 and we have of course had Christmas and the school holidays! Whilst we weren’t able to have the mahoosive dance party we hoped to for Nath’s 40th, the usual family outings or even Christmas gatherings, we did enjoy celebrating him and having smaller Christmas celebrations with a portion of our family. We missed seeing everyone we usually do, but even so, being quite a simple affair, there were still plenty of smiles, surprises and cake for Mr Smith!

And, We look forward to days ahead where bigger celebrations with friends and family might be possible and not over Zoom!

Our Christmas was really lovely and brought me a lot of joy and contentment – both to see the kids joy and to be with some of our family! I have noticed too that I have really felt the cheer and spirit of the season this month overall and whilst I have missed the usual shenanigans of school nativities, festive outings and parties, I have enjoyed finding ways to make Christmas special and lovely for us in other more simple ways!

Loving – This month I am loving light shloer! Again it is the simple pleasures in life! I worried with my diabetes that I would miss out on my usual festive drinks and treats, but actually discovering light Shloer has been a game changer and absolutely delicious. For the last few months I have only been able to drink water as I have felt too blah for anything else. I loved that over Christmas I could branch out and have enjoyed a few glasses of “bubbly” (ha) and the odd diet coke or diet Dr Pepper too!

In December I have also been loving how much focus we have made on Jesus Christ and His birth and gifts to us and, how lovely this has been daily to talk about with the kids. I felt this year we had a really good balance on the true meaning of Christmas with the fun and gifts and it made for a wonderful time and something I hope we achieve every year.

Watched – Gosh we have watched countless Christmas films this month, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I have loved snuggling together with various treats and watching both our faves and new ones too. We bought a new Smart TV at the beginning of the month (a bit of a splurge for us) and it has been such a novelty to watch films on and have such easy access to them all too – it is great for family films and date night!

This month we have also watched Soul on Disney and today or tomorrow I want to introduce the kids to The Railway Children! Personally I have watched Virgin River season 2, which I really enjoyed whilst wrapping gifts or soaking my aching body in the bath! And, as a couple we watch Rocket-man the other day – a little sweary but overall a very interesting film and story about Elton John that I never knew before. It left me feeling so sad for some of the things he went through but also amazed at how resilient people are too and how they can conquer their demons in life.

Read – I haven’t read anything other than Christmas cards! I have however 2 new books to start in January and a new goal to read at least one new book a month. I am hoping that with maternity leave and long periods of feeding a little baby, I will find time to slow down and read more. So, I hope this time next month, this category has something more useful and interesting for you to read about!

Listened to – of course a whole load of Christmas music! Another goal is to find some more podcasts to listen to too this coming year, but this month has been all about Christmas tunes and I have loved singing and dancing to them with the kids.

I have also loved listening to Ethan play Rudolph on his trumpet and various songs solo and as a duet on the piano. I have loved listening to the glee of Christmas morning and hearing the kids sing their songs from school.

Bought – A cot! Quite a big step for me as I still have the odd wobble of “what if”, but in a bid to be more positive and hopeful with baby Smith #5 I am trying to do more normal things to prepare for his arrival…including buying a cot before he is here. It of course is preloved and was £30 on Facebook Marketplace. It has a lovely big pull out drawer which has proved useful to organising all of the lovely clothes we have already been given.

This month I also bought myself a cool yellow shirt in the charity shop and of course numerous Christmas gifts!

Visited – We enjoyed a lovely day out to York a couple of days before Christmas. We took the kids to the National Railway museum, wandered round our favourite streets and had a lovely lunch out at Bella Italia using our Tesco Clubcard vouchers – it was nice to feel a little bit more normal and to not be in the house. Yesterday we visited Helmsley – we just had a picnic, a small walk and hot chocolates and thoroughly enjoyed the snow covered wolds as we drove!

We have had also had various walks around the local wolds, Beverley Westwood and in our village – some days we wonder (especially with my pelvis) how many more walks we can do! But each one turns out to be lovely and we appreciate the gorgeous scenery that surrounds us and the opportunity for fresh air and exercise!

It always feels strange when Christmas and the year draws to an end and we are on the verge of a new year. But, the decs are down now for another year, the chocolate has almost all being consumed and I am ready for the next season…I think! I am just about 29 weeks pregnant now and have no idea what awaits us in 2021 (aside from a new baby of course) and I am in many ways finding it hard to not make big goals for travels and family outings or other usual things a new year helps us to look forward to. I wonder if we will be homeschooling again and if we will have a family holiday this year?

For now though, we are trying to find daily joys and not worry too much. We are planning on a little family party with the kids tonight, a spot of sledging later on maybe and of course preparing for a new baby in a few weeks!

I want to take time to reflect on 2020 too – it was so weird but also not all bad and I want to record some thoughts on it all before it is just a distant memory!!! But, in the meantime, I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR – I hope life is gentle and kind and that 2021 brings us all more moments together and opportunities to do the things we hope!

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