Life Lately | April 2021

Life lately has been exhausting and a bit of blur (hello life with a new born!), but you know what? It has also been so lovely and blessed too. The last 7 weeks with Oscar have brought a lot of smiles and joy into our home and life has been very much about adjusting to have a baby again. I enjoy seeing the older kids embrace and interact with him and whilst most days I feel wrecked and life (well mornings mainly) feels a bit nuts, life is pretty good right now and I am happy!

Life has shifted a lot in these last few weeks and I am enjoying a slower pace at home; still resting some days and walking or shopping other days! I feel my body has (and is) taking a little longer to recover this time round from delivery and so I am taking opportunities where I can to sleep when baby sleeps and put my feet up whilst feeding!  I am also trying to just embrace this season and not think too far ahead … I keep wanting to decide what I want to do next in life and get applying for education places if needed, but I also know that can all wait and just to enjoy these early months that I know will fly on by! Some days all I seem to do is school runs and breastfeed, but I am okay with that.

Nath is back teaching in a school and the kids are doing great at school and enjoying lighter nights to play out with their pals. We mostly have a routine day to day (though it is seriously still nuts) and Oscar has slotted in nicely!

Loving  – I am loving sunny spring days and blossom on the trees… Baby snuggles, taco Tuesday with the fam and our lime and coriander salads. I am loving that I went to the hairdressers and had a cut and colour, and that my jeans fit again and I can wear mostly normal clothes (though I wear leggings and hoodies a lot still for comfort)! I am loving that things are opening up, we can eat out and the ice cream man visits the village every Thursday afternoon – Playing in the park with an ice cream cone is quite the highlight of village life!

Watching – I am watching loads of things at the moment, as at night especially it helps me through the feeds! I am currently enjoying The Night Shift on Netflix – it’s an A&E drama series set in Texas and a lot of the Drs are military – it’s good! I am also loving that Call The Midwife is back on for another series, it is always an emotional roller coaster.

This month I also watched First in Fashion (loved) and various property renovation programmes and Nath and I finished Glee!

Reading  Ignoring this for now!

Listening to – I am enjoying listening to songs from Pitch perfect and Glee (as well as other films like The Greatest Showman) and singing along. I’ve also been listening to Green Day, Alanis Morissette, UB40, TLC… old stuff like that!

Bought – I have bought quite a few things recently, especially clothes since my friend introduced me to Vinted (slightly obsessed). I have got some great bits for the kids and for me; I bought a Topshop denim jacket (oversized), zara top and then a checked shirt from the charity shop and a cool sweatshirt from H&M for a fiver! I have also discovered everything5pounds where I bought some new boots, a jumper dress and some dungarees – all for a fiver each!

Visited – We have discovered some lovely new walks locally which will be great in the summer for the kids to paddle and play and then during the Easter break, we enjoyed a trip to Whitby, Beningbrough hall , The Yorkshire Arboretum and Wolds way Lavender. Whilst freezing, all were lovely and it was especially nice to be back out as a family exploring and being about Yorkshire!

I am Seriously hoping that the weather warms up and stays nice now and I am looking forward to May bank holidays and half term and hopefully more family fun and adventures in May!

This month I am grateful for:

*A healthy baby
*Afternoon naps
*Late night chocolate treats
*Getting my hair done
*family days out
*Ice cream at the park
*Time out with friends
*Easter – it’s message and treats




  1. May 1, 2021 / 2:54 pm

    Aww these photos are lovely. I adore Whitby. Hoping to be back there soon!

    Danielle |

    • Mary @TheHeartyLife
      May 15, 2021 / 10:57 am

      I hope you get to visit soon too. It is a lovely place x

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