It’s (finally) beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Carvery in front of me on the table, and fire roaring to the side. We are in a small coastal pub on the cliff tops, and the kids are at school! It all feels rather idyllic and as I look across to my newly turned 37 year old husband, I can’t help but comment on how perfect this feels, and how good this little moment is together! Things aren’t perfect (whose lives are?) but this moment is.

Since being married to Nathan I always feel like his birthday is the official start for Christmas. Its the day when it all feels so much closer and exciting, and often the day when he starts his annual leave for the Christmas period. December the 21st is often the first proper moment we get with the busy season to properly just all be together and have some fun and relax a little, and I love it!

I adore Nathan (obvs) and I love the moments where we can have a whole day just chatting, planning, laughing, and being in each others company. I love when we can break from the ordinary and life can feel a little bit special. I basically love his birthday and its natural kick start to Christmas!

These last few weeks we have been all about shopping, wrapping and helping people. We’ve had nativities and various service projects, and the usual day to day stuff of a busy family life. Whilst these have all been great, they have also meant that we have barely seen each other. But then yesterday, following the kids carol service, it all seemed to slow down a little and we could just spend some time together – relaxing, eating and celebrating him!

As a result the house is out of sorts, and the laundry pile is ginormous, but it was wonderful to have a day together and feel so chilled and finally excited for Christmas!

Yesterday, as always, was our official start to a joyful festive week. Nathan is now off work for a week and the kids break up from school today (yipeee)! There are lots of presents wrapped under the tree, in the loft and at the back of my wardrobe (sshh), and we are ready and looking forward to sharing in the joy of the season, seeing our families and having so much fun as we create new memories together.

It’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas – and I can’t wait.

I am excited that for the first time in a few years, the season feels a little more light… a little more exciting and joyful, and I am glad to have all we do!

I am so thankful for our little family and the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together with lots of food and gifts, songs and praise. I am thankful for the small acts of kindness we have had the opportunity to do, to #lightheworld this Christmas. It has been a pleasure, a lesson and a great blessing. It has distracted me from the emotions Christmas usually stirs, and has opened the kids eyes to suffering and the needs of others. Now I look forward to having moments for me…to just be and reflect. I look forward to being able to decorate Poppy’s grave and dedicate some time to think of her. I look forward to planning for a new year and new me, but mostly just taking time out from the ordinary and day to day to enjoy Christmas!

This is my last post this side of Christmas (as I am sure you’ll understand), and last post I hope for a good week or so. It’s time to be with my family, clean my home and do those last little touches and acts of service. It’s time to switch off and connect with those here! I’ll still be on Instagram, sharing our moments, but other than that … all that’s left to say is, from our family to yours – We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a hearty life this season!

MERRY CHRISTMAS – I hope you get all you wish for!


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