A Change in Direction

This blog began in 2014 as a family lifestyle and loss blog following the passing of our dear Poppy Quinn at Birth. At the time it was cathartic and a way to raise awareness of baby loss and our life around it. As I found solace in many areas of life and as I grew, it evolved into “family lifestyle” – capturing the hearty moments in the madness of life with 3 young kids and I began to feel less of a need to share my grief journey.

I have loved capturing our days out and using it as an outlet to mark my successes and mum fails, as well as the things that brought us joy as a little family!

But here in 2019, as we head towards a new decade and a new stage of life for us all, I am ready for a change. I am not who I was when this journey began and my kids are quickly growing up and ever changing.

When I began blogging 5 years ago I never imagined that I would even stick with it, let alone what it would become. I never knew you could work with brands or collaborate in the many wonderful ways we have been blessed to as a family. But mostly, I never imagined that I would develop such a passion for writing and photography or that it would help me come to know myself in such a wonderful way.

Over these last few months I have really wanted to change direction with my blog – I just wasn’t certain how to do that or if I was ready yet. But now as the end of the year draws to a close and the air is a buzz with new ideas and goals for a new decade and year, it is clearer for me and I feel it is time for a new direction. And so, after a lot of thought and pondering I have settled on that change. I reached a place a little while ago, where I felt I didn’t want to share my kids lives and our family life with the world so much anymore here on the blog and so I am prioritising my own life and loves in my blogs.

Of course I will still be writing about our epic family adventures and bargainous travels, and family will crop up here and there as I am a wife and mother and its such a huge part of my own life. But, what I am saying is that the content won’t be so personally on the kids and the details of our family life.

A lot of this is about me changing personally, but it is also a lot about wanting to respect their privacy as they get older and not sharing so many details of their lives. Overall, I suppose I just don’t want to talk so much about my kids lives and every detail of our family so much anymore. I am more keen to share other lifestyle things, as well as style, travel and thoughts from my counselling and views on life to take precedence in this space.

I want to thank all of my followers/readers both old and new for the support, chat and comments with my blogs and blogging adventure – I have loved it thus far. But going forward, I wanted you all to know that my children and our monthly family updates (and most content in these areas) will be taking a back seat and will only be here and there. My posts now will be focused a lot more heavily on my personal loves, interests and thoughts.  I want to write more of general life and thoughts, with plenty of travel and adventures, theatre and my style in there too*** I want this to be more of just a lifestyle blog and less about the day to day details of our family and kids!

I understand if some aren’t into that as I am sure a chunk of you loved the family and “mummy blog” aspect which this once was. But I want a change as I grow and I have a lot of new interests, confidence and deep thoughts that I want to share with the world now, that aren’t anything about parenting, my kids or our day to day family life. This new direction makes me more excited and it feels like an opportunity to be more arty with my photography too – beyond the family portraits I have captures for 5 years!

Blogging brings me great joy and I love how it evolves with me. I hope you will follow along for my life and loves, bargains, style and travel tips, as I continue to capture the things that make life hearty!

*** Family stuff and parenting posts are still in the archives/blog categories and our family travels, bargains and marriage will still feature; it just won’t have their little faces and personal lives in it so frequently or much now they are getting older. You can still catch us on Insta! 


  1. December 29, 2019 / 4:45 pm

    I think that’s the great thing about blogging, it can evolve and change with us, and I am excited about your change in direction. I don’t feature my eldest at all on my blog or social media as he is nearly 18. Best of luck for 2020 my love xx

    • Mary @TheHeartyLife
      December 30, 2019 / 9:05 am

      Thanks so much for your support now and over the years Tracey! x

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