9 Years Married & A Trip to London

Back in October, Mr Smith and I celebrated 9 years of being “Mr & Mrs Smith” and so as you can see, this post is way overdue! It was a very low key “grab something posh from Lidl for dinner” kind of a do (who says romance is dead?), with the assurance that when we could decide on a location for a weekend break, we would celebrate properly at a later date. That later date just so happened to be this last weekend, where we spent 2 fun days in the capital celebrating 9 and bit years of marriage to each other! Hello London!

If you know me well or have followed our blog for a while, then you will be aware that we have a tradition for our anniversary – we celebrate around whatever the traditional theme is, and whether it is the location we stay, the name of the restaurant, the activity or something else, it has to in someway connect to the “theme”! We never buy gifts, but buy the experience of being together and doing something a little less ordinary connected to the tradition of our wedding anniversary that year.

Traditionally speaking 9 years of marriage is “Willow”. Willow is strong, durable and intertwined, which is symbolic of a stable and loving marriage (which I absolutely love and see between us). Willow Trees are also known for their adaptability and this is a reflection that by 9 years of marriage you have become more adaptable and able to not only adapt to one another, but together adapt to what life brings. This has been true in so many aspects of our marriage – we have been through a lot of things that have been so hard, but that we have grown together and adapted to. Even just this last year with moving house and Nathan having to commute to Leeds each day for far longer than hoped, became a time where we really grew in being able to adapt and be durable, and this period (amongst others both big and small) have taught us that being adapting and flexible for one another brings harmony and balance to life and the marriage!

We spent the weekend staying at The Zed Rooms in Shoreditch (which I will be posting about in detail later this week). It was a complimentary press visit with Simba and it was absolutely lush – trendy, relaxing and ideal for a break away from the ordinary. With the invitation to review “The Zed Rooms”, came the choice that we would go kid free and use it as our “Anniversary weekend away” and I am so glad we did – it was lovely. It was a 10 minute walk to the Tube and then we spent all day Saturday exploring and soaking up the sites of London. We decided against seeing any shows or generally really paying for any attractions – it was a sunny day and we were happy just to hop on and off the tube, and see the iconic places of the capital, whilst holding hands and meandering along. We considered the London eye or the Shard (and a little too late river cruise too) as each of these seemed really exciting, but in the end, walking together and seeing the sites, talking uninterrupted and holding hands, grabbing little treats and going wherever we wanted to (when we wanted to) was just ideal.

We started at Westminster, walked up to Trafalgar Square, headed to Covent Garden and then on to Leicester Square, China Town and Piccadilly Circus. We hopped on the Tube up to Harrods and Oxford Street, and wound up the day at Tower Bridge/The Tower of London – both of which looked cool lit up!

After a quick rest at the apartmentent, we went out of dinner at this cute pizza place in Shoreditch where we sat quietly and talked some more. The next day we went to Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and then headed home to Yorkshire having enjoyed a little dip into London life.

I love London – it makes me so happy to be there and gives me an element of pride in being British. I love both the familiarity and the adventure of it all too, and it was so nice to be away as a couple and talk, plan, smooch and enjoy having the rare moments to only think of each other. It is always nice, as much as we love being parents and doing family stuff, to have the head space to think of things outside of family life and talk about the future, our feelings and stuff we are seeing around us. I loved the freedom of time being our own and being us – not needing to be aware of little hands touching things, whiny tired kids or having to be woken at a crazy time of day. I loved laughing together and doing something a little different with my best friend, whilst doing things we both love too.

I am truly grateful for our little family and what has grown out of our love for one another – it is great to still be going strong and loving life together and we always treasure theses moments that it is just us. 9 years feels like no time at all – marriage is so natural and mostly fun, and yet when we reflect on 9 years of marriage, so much has changed, we have grown so much, a lot has happened and lots has being lost as well as created.

I love him so much and am thankful for each year of married life, each adventure and memory we get to have together. Life is a mad and crazy adventure, but I am glad that whatever we do and wherever it takes us, we have each other to share it with. I am glad I have someone who knows me better than anyone else and loves me immensely despite my flaws and that I can return that same love, friendship and reliability. This year was probably the year that was least connected to the theme, but it was fab and we found a connection none the less…and this was it – 5 mins down the road from where we were staying in Shoreditch was a “Willow Street” – DONE!


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