5 Years Married

I cannot believe I have been “Mrs Smith” now for 5 years! This last weekend was our 5 year anniversary and it was great to actually get dressed up and get out together. On recommendation we went to a fab restaurant in Hudds called “Temujin”  and we certainly were not disappointed! The whole atmosphere was amazing and just a really fun place to eat, yet relaxing and chilled too.

The Food in one word? Delic! Its a stirfry bar where you can go back as many times as you wish, choose your own oils, sauces, meats and veg and boom, the lovely chefs fire up their woks (literally) and cook you up a yummy dish. I enjoyed Kangaroo – yes that’s right Kangaroo in a lovely thai curry and oyster sauce, calamari & prawns in Thai red curry & monk fish in black bean sauce. Whilst at the bar they bring rice to your table and  then you enjoy, and thats exactly what we did I just absolutely loved everything about it and have put it in my top 10 places to eat…love it!

Whilst eating we reflected on what 5 years together have brought us, other than a few greys for Nath and extra pounds for both of us…

  • We’ve lived in 2 houses together; the first rented and you could barely swing a cat…not that we tried, we dont like cats but I imagine you wouldn’t have been successful! The second is where we live now, we bought it about a year after we were married.
  • We’ve had some fun holidays/weekends breaks; our honeymoon in mexico, Dublin, London, Malaga, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Durham..
  • We’ve bought 5 cars – if you buy cheap you take a risk – one only lasted a week and broke down on our way home from wales…it was bad!
  • 3 kids..Ethan 2010, Megan 2012, Poppy 2014
  • 1 funeral for our daughter
  • Nath was made redundant and went back to uni
  • I became a SAHM
  • We’ve become aunt and uncle to 12 nieces and nephews

I think thats basically the major points that sum up our 5 years together. We’ve had some tears , well actually quite a lot recently when we lost Poppy (which we never thought would happen to us – why would you?) but thankfully we have had way more laughs  & fun times together, most weekends we manage to have a date together and every anniversary and Valentines we’ve gone away together. We made a goal on our honeymoon that we would go abroad every 5 years, which for this year we are still deciding location! Naths nagged me about spending &  I’ve whined about being skint but we somehow have always managed! I’ve nagged him about cleaning and he’s whined about laundry and ironing but who cares, were pretty much past all that now and I know these early years are what we will look back on and laugh about. Loosing Poppy was so hard for us both but also brought us closer in ways we never thought. Everything we have gone through has strengthened us both in new ways and taught us lessons on what we like and don’t and how we want our future to be.
I love everything about Nathan and cannot believe how that love continues to grow more and more each year. He makes me feel confident and treasured and we both feel that as long as we stick together we can get through pretty much anything together and usually crack a smile and share some jokes in the process. I look forward to seeing what awaits us for the next 5 …

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