Life Lately – November 2020

Wow! The last day of November already – one more month and 2020 will be GONE (which I am sure to many is wonderful news? I don’t know!). I am currently sat in my kitchen baking a chocolate orange cake with the candles lit and Christmas music on! This is all so very much out of character from me as I can’t really bake that well, I usually don’t get too excited about Christmas these days as it has been a difficult season in past years and well, I would usually be busy at work (or busy with other tasks)!

This year however, especially after a week of focusing on gratitude, I feel so very excited for Christmas and am feeling frequently in the mood to do “homey” things and try new things too – like bake my family a chocolate orange cake on a Monday afternoon for us to enjoy after putting the tree up tonight – weird!!

Pregnancy is changing me – or maybe it is a combo of that and the realisation that this year has helped us all live a little more simply and turn our thoughts to home and family? Whatever the reason for these desires and a change in feelings towards the season, I welcome them and it feels good to feel the spirit and joy of Christmas this year. And not to mention for the first time in a good few years to be organised and feeling rather excited for it!

Life lately has been a slower pace and less of a party than November usually is (for my birthday). As usual for 2020, it has unpredictable and at times restrictive!

November saw me turn 36 and also spend 2 weeks at home with my eldest homeschooling after a positive case in his bubble! I have spent time Christmas shopping, buying pre-loved furniture off Facebook market place and painting the kids rooms (which despite a painful pelvis afterwards – has made me really happy!). I have unofficially (kind of) stopped working now due to risk factors and Covid and will officially be starting my maternity leave the 1st of January 2021! It is a very different month to what I imagined in even a few weeks ago, but I am accepting that life is really beginning to switch gear and I am looking forward to the next few weeks of celebrations and fun and then prepping more for baby in the new year!

Loving – I am currently loving the crunchie bites in the miniature heroes tub (thought?)! This used to be one of my least faves, but for some reason being pregnant I can’t get enough of them (though I do need to limit being diabetic!) they are so flipping gorge!

I am also loving how our home is looking with the new bedrooms (I swapped the kids over – deets coming soon) and the fact I have cot and baby things appearing! I love how all 3 kids look at them and swoon over their cuteness and how I feel little baby wriggles in my belly – it is all really really lovely and less anxiety than I had when expecting Alice!

I am loving the fact that this morning I de-cluttered the airing cupboard and now everything is folded neatly and all in it’s own place (life goals ay?). Finally, I am loving seeing Christmas lights as we drive around, making little plans with the kids and looking forward to our December traditions and putting the tree up tonight.

Watched – This month of course The Crown has returned and I couldn’t be more excited; especially as for some reason Mr Smith has taken a keen interest in watching it with me this time round (he says because it is in his lifetime?). We are enjoying watching a couple episodes a week together on an evening and as usual it is so good! But, how awful was Charles? Like I never realised just how cruel and selfish he was to Diana! UGH!

We also watched a fabulous film for my birthday – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It is set around the end of WW2 and was brilliant. It is funny, emotional, interesting and right up my street. We both thoroughly enjoyed it, so give it a go if you fancy something to watch.

I have also enjoyed watching both Elf and Muppet Christmas Carol too with the kids over this last weekend! Both are absolute classics and 2 of my most favourite Christmas films! We have laughed our socks off and it has been super!

Read – Aside from my pregnancy app updates – very little! I read “The Secret Seven” with Ethan during our 2 weeks of homeschooling, which was nice to do together, but personal reading and books I might be able to recommend, that would be nothing! Sorry! I have added 4 or 5 books to my Christmas list, so I am hoping that in the new year when I make more time to rest in later pregnancy I can smash some new stuff out!

Listened to – Obviously Christmas music, Christmas music and more Christmas music! One of my faves is Penatonix and Josh Groben at this time of year (as well as the Christmas party classics of course!). I have also loved listening to the Annie (newer) Soundtrack with the kids and love the song “Shallow” (Lady Gaga) at the moment – really beautiful!

We still love our teat time dance parties in the kitchen together whilst getting dinner ready and it makes me happy to sing and dance with the kids to some of our faves! I especially love hearing Megan and Ethan sing all the words to “Little girls” (2014 version) it is so funny!

Bought – This month we bought a new (to us) family car and sold our other. We got something just a little bit more roomy now that the kids are getting bigger and we need more boot space for a pram and (hopefully) all our tat for our travels. It is still a 7 seater (though I wanted a mini bus ha!) just a bit bigger than the Zafira we have had for the last 3 years! It is a lovely car and the kids love it.

I’ve also bought all my Christmas gifts for the family, Nath and kids which has been fun. But, for myself I bought a sweatshirt dress from Zara, red leopard print jumper from ASOS and 2 pairs of maternity PJ’s all with my birthday money and vouchers that I received! I plan on sharing them all on here soon so keep a look out.

Visited – Obviously not much as we have spent the month in national lock down! We did however have a lovely outing last weekend to Castle Howard in honour of my birthday. I am so glad that parks and gardens remain open for visits and walks! I also enjoyed a lovely beach walk and local country walk with my friend on Friday – visiting the outdoors, despite making my hips ache at night, is great for the soul and it feels good to be keeping active!

Aside from said aching hips, life is currently plodding along nicely. I look forward to the festivities in the weeks ahead and celebrating my husbands 40th. Neither will be quite as “big” and crazy as they usually are or that we had planned (no 40th dance party – boo!), but we are all looking forward to lots of family time and all our traditions nonetheless!

However you are feeling with the approach of Christmas and in life lately, I hope you find some peace and moments of joy too. Be kind and gentle and treat yourself – It’s been a funny old year and Christmas can sometimes stir our grief and struggles!

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