10 Reasons Why We Need Flowers in Our Home

Having flowers at home is not something new. Because of their short shelf life, fresh flowers to some are considered expensive and while some can’t stand the smell or pollen and avoid flowers in their homes, other people have a flower subscription year-round to ensure they have fresh blooms consistently.

These are valid reasons not to have flowers, but if you love the benefits of some blooms, here are ways to work around these hurdles, for example, you may have flowers in your garden instead of indoors. And, to get your money’s worth, florists share tips on saving money on flowers

If you are rethinking flowers at home, here are ten reasons for you to consider having fresh flowers in your abode (and many of the reasons why I love them in mine).

1.Flowers are great as home decor.

Blooming flowers can be placed anywhere in your home; from a cute arrangement on your dresser, to a centrepiece on any surface to add colour and life. They can easily replace boring everyday decor to inspire a fresh new look.

You can also coordinate the bouquet colours with the room’s theme – asking for the designer’s choice from your local florist about the flowers in season will be a sure way to create harmony between your chosen arrangement and the look of the space.

2. Flowers can make the area feel welcoming.

A room with flowers can instantly make you feel more positive; flowers give off a natural feel that makes anyone feel welcomed and at home.

If you wish to create a sharing atmosphere, then place the flowers in areas visible to visitors. The hall, living room and dining are some of the best places to have flower arrangements that offer a more inviting and homely vibe. If placed on the dining table, of course make sure it won’t distract your guests.

3. Flowers can purify the air.

It is a known fact that flowers improve the smell in a room, but did you know some flowering plants can also filter the air of toxins? Based on studies, flowers like peace lilies, gerberas, and bromelias can absorb harmful toxins from the air and release large amounts of oxygen. You can rest well knowing that not only do they look good, but that you are inhaling fresh, clean air too.

4. Flowers can improve your mood.

The sweet scent and colour of flowers can make your mood better and help you connect better with other people. Based on a Harvard study in 2006, Nancy Etcoff noted that participants who were exposed to flowers daily saw a noticeable increase in their mood and higher compassion towards other people.

Flowers like roses have aroma-therapeutic powers to help you maintain a relaxed atmosphere. If you feel like your home magnets negative energy, have some flowers carefully placed in your home to offer more balance. 

5. Flowers can refresh memories.

Our sense of smell is underrated, but did you know that it is one of the most powerful senses? A specific smell can trigger memories. So if you want to be reminded of a particular time, place, or person, then choose a bouquet with scents that bring those fond memories to the forefront of your mind.

6. Flowers have a positive physiological effect.

Based on a 2008 study by Park and Mattson, the presence of flowers lowers blood pressure, reduces feelings of pain and anxiety, and eases fatigue. Having flowers at home can help you de-stress and ease you into relaxation much faster. 

7. Flowers encourage creativity.

It has been shown that flowers stimulate creativity while promoting concentration. Raanaas, Evensen, Rich, Sjostrom, and Patil discovered that flowers could improve cognitive performance if they were present in your work-space. Perhaps if you work from home, then popping an arrangement in your office, could boost both your creativity and concentration. 

8. Flowers can make you feel well-rested.

To see if lavender improved sleep quality, Wesleyan University researchers had 31 men and women sniff lavender essential oil on certain nights during a sleep study. When they did, it was reported that they felt more well-rested and energetic the following morning. Having lavender and others around your room, can help you feel more rested. 

9. Flowers can give a boost of energy.

If you are feeling down or constantly exhausted, you can rely on flowers to give you a boost. Spending time looking at flowers has been shown to lower fatigue and increase energy levels. 

10. Flowers can improve your long-term mental well-being.

Having flowers at home makes you less likely to feel worried, anxious or depressed. The positive emotions you get from receiving flowers or being near flowers counter negative feelings. Based on a study by Rutgers, people get a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction with flowers displayed in places you frequent.

Flowers are nature’s gifts that we can have at home. Their unique beauty and benefits are things we can enjoy and these reasons will hopefully convince you to start ordering fresh flowers from a local florist and have them delivered to your doorstep. If you are looking, then these guys do plant delivery, you can easily order from their online store. That way, your home can be transformed into a more beautiful, peaceful and relaxing space you deserve to have.

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  1. May 7, 2022 / 11:08 am

    I love flowers around my home!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  2. July 21, 2022 / 11:17 am

    I always knew that live plants like succulents or snake plants are good air purifiers but I never thought flowers like peace lilies, gerberas, and bromelias can improve air quality in a home. Thanks for the info! By the way, even if you have lots of plants and flowers all over the house, don’t forget about other essential things such as air filter replacement, regular cleaning, and vacuuming.

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