The Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are an iconic landmark here in Kuwait and a very noticeable piece of architecture in its skyline. Built in 1979, Kuwait Towers is a group of three slender towers that were built to symbolize Kuwait’s economic resurgence and wold culture. They are also a well known, must visit tourist landmark for locals, expats and visitors to Kuwait!

We have had The Kuwait Towers on our bucket list here since arriving, and finally had a trip up them a couple of weeks ago when Grandma was here (which she loved). We see them often from various views of the City, and it is always fun to spot them on our travels. They are located next to the water park in downtown Kuwait City, and on the seashore of Arabian Gulf Street of Sharq district. You can easily spot them across the bay, or from the bridge and most often between skyscrapers up in the city. And, it has become a fun game when out and about, to see who can spot them first!

We decided to go visit late afternoon when everyone was home from school, and were glad we did go at this time, as it wasn’t very busy and we were lucky to catch the spectacular sunset – both over the city and the bay. This was amazing to see as the city skyline here in Kuwait transforms as night falls; with amazing lights across buildings and a pretty glow in the sky from the setting sun! We loved the views and the kids were fascinated both by all they could see, and the revolving platform.

You can visit the towers either just to view from the deck, or for a meal / refreshments. You take a lift up to the main tower, which is 187m in height and has two spheres. The lower sphere contains the bottom half of a 4500 cubic metres water tank, while its upper half is a restaurant with capacity to seat 90 people, aswell as a lounge, a cafe, and a reception hall. The upper sphere rises to 123m above sea level and completes a full turn every 30minutes.  This revolving tower provides 360 panoramic views of the city.

The second tower, which is 147m in height, serves as a water tower. The third tower holds equipment to control the flow of electricity and illuminates the two larger towers. Amazingly, the Kuwait towers main role is as a water tower, and altogether, the towers can hold 9000 cubic metres of water.

Entrance Fee and opening times

If you are visiting the revolving viewing sphere, the entrance fee is 3KD per person, although there is no entrance fee for children under 4 years old.

When visiting one of the restaurants, there is no entrance fee. Basically, if you eat at the restaurant, you can go to the viewing deck for free (provided you keep your meal receipt).

The viewing sphere is open from 9am to 11.30pm and is a lot of fun for all the family. What a view! What a great experience to soak up Kuwait!

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