Date Night at Piccola Milano | Salmiya, Kuwait

Its been a few weeks since we ate at Piccola Milano here in Salmiya – Our first official date out here in Kuwait (only took us 4 months to have one) and some of the best Italian deliciousness!

I noticed Piccola Milano while out one afternoon walking on Marina beach (about a 5 minute drive from us). We had Grandma here visiting and she kindly offered to babysit, but we just couldn’t decided where to go. We wanted a Jet Skiing date, but it was too cold/out of season for that. And so we thought it would be a lovely change to go out for food instead of ordering in, or watching a film.

Back home in the UK we have a list as long as our arm for places we want to eat at for date night – some are old faves, some are newbies that we spot while out and about, and realised in this that while something usually fairly straightforward at home, being new to an area/country, we aren’t familiar with great restaurants or where to go out of the many that are spread across Kuwait. The ones we have been to (while amazing) have been for Middle Eastern cuisine, which is something we weren’t fancying this date night. When I spotted this little Italian restaurant however – with its panoramic views across the Kuwait skyline and Salmiya bay, it looked ideal for date night (and I realised how much I missed fresh Italian food)!

I text Nath and we couldn’t wait to go!

Here in Kuwait people eat later and go out later, so us early birds out for dinner at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening, meant that we were the only ones in the restaurant  – which was both lovely and also slightly awkward too! The staff were amazing and obviously attentive, but also not too much that we had our space to chat and enjoy the food! The views were just as lush as I had hoped, and the whole vibe was lovely. But, the highlight (aside from my date – Hey Mr Smith) was 100% the food! Wow – it was sooo good and I haven’t stopped telling people, or thinking about it since!

It was fresh, flavoursome and blumming tasty! We love Italian and this ticked all the boxes.

I had the Rucola Salad to start (fresh mozzerella, tomatoes, leaves, pest & balsamic) and the Di Mare Spaghetti for main (cooked in a spicy light tomato sauce with shrimps). The salad was fresh and flavoursome, I could have eaten 3! And the Spaghetti was cooked perfectly with juicy fresh shrimps and a nice little kick with the spice – it was absolutely delicious.

Nath enjoyed mushroom soup and a pizza – both of which he too thoroughly enjoyed and said the soup was some of the best he’s had! We were both excited to be able to sup lemonata there, which was a nice little Italian treat and definitely one of my favourites.

Date night is something that is important to us, and it’s always extra special as parents (with 4 energetic kiddos), to have a night off and an evening out when we can. I was delighted that Piccola Milano offered us a close by new fave and consistently fresh and delicious food to enjoy together, which made the evening just so great. I love even more that they are also on Talabat and so hopefully one weekend, when we are having date night at home (the usual these days) we can order in and enjoy their amazing food at home. YUM!

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