The Ordinary Moments 14/52 – Easter Traditions

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A very Happy Easter to you all! I hope it was special in your own way and I hope that it involved LOTS of chocolaty treats and delicious food. Do you make a big deal about Easter in your family? have you enjoyed many Easter activities this week or weekend? or are you just excited for 2 weeks with no school runs?

I was speaking with a friend recently when she made a very valid point, being that we always make a big deal or have a lot of focus on Christmas traditions, but very rarely speak of our Easter traditions. It got me thinking about some of the things we always do for Easter, even though Easter is only once a year these traditions are a very ordinary part of this season and a must for our family.

1. Teach the Kids what Easter is

As a Christian family we try to focus both Christmas and Easter on Jesus Christ and teach the kids about why we have these special days. Every Monday we have family night and the Monday before Easter we teach them about Christ’s death and resurrection, and then enjoy a chocolate egg and explain the symbolism of eggs in relation to Jesus. We always show them a movie clip and some do some kind of activity related to it. This year Megan sobbed about the soldiers killing Jesus and the eggs were postponed for naughty behaviour (There’s always next year! )… They got it though and I have heard them a couple of time telling people that 3 days later on Easter day he came alive again.

2. Easter Crafts & Baking

I don’t particularly enjoy getting crafty with kids due to the stress it creates but I make exceptions at times like this, we made some chicks, bunny’s and egg pictures this week leading up to Easter and also baked some delights with a not so Easter theme too. They loved it and so did I (the baking not the crafts),
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3. Creme Egg McFlurry’s

We always have to have one before Easter…its a must and its always delic!

4. Egg hunt on Easter Morning

When Nath was growing up they would always have an egg hunt in the garden, which always makes me laugh because one year when Nath had given up chocolate his mum substituted it for some of his fave nuts..the squirrels found it before him!!! Aside from this year he and his siblings love this and so we too have adopted it as a tradition, Each year we stay at his parents Easter weekend and the kids enjoy hunting around the garden alongside aunts, uncles and daddy. It is the highlight for them and fun for us all. We then demolish them! This year was especially wonderful as Naths cousin was here from the states with her family and several other family members came over too..the hunt was in the afternoon but just as epic as it always is. My fave quotes; first from Megs “when my tummy ache is finished then I will eat more chocolate!!” and Ethan “This is the bestest easter eggs hunt in the world”!!!

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I’d like to steal an idea from my friend and start the tradition of an epic roast too as the kids get older or as our family gets bigger! Its something that they all look forward to and being food related will deffs be a hit for us im sure, either way Easter is always a lovely time in our family, a pleasant week leading up to it and a great day in itself. It has been quite healing too decorating Poppy’s grave in a lovely springtime theme, almost as if were including her in our celebrations and the start of another tradition we will have of visiting her and taking something. Not just this but more importantly thinking of the significance to me now, that because of Easter I will hold her again one day!




  1. mummydaddyme
    April 6, 2015 / 2:42 pm

    Aw I loved reading about your Easter traditions Mary. Some of them are similar to ours- we always have to do some Easter baking (we baked a cheesecake this year) and of course do an egg hunt. It sounds like a lovely Easter weekend and I love that photo of all the chocolate! xx

    • April 8, 2015 / 7:29 am

      Oh man i really need to branch out with baking to more desserts instead of the usual tray bakes, buns and biscuits! It was a fab easter weekend and I hope yours was too x

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