Sprinkles of Joy

I feel like Summer is finally here…lets just hope it sticks around, life with young children is FAR easier when the sun is shining and the world is pretty much your oyster.

This weekend has been another complete Roller coaster and things I never imagined I would have to go through. We received the Amnio results very quickly, just after lunch on Friday and were told the baby does indeed have Trisomy 18 or “Edwards Syndrome” and that as a result of this there really isn’t a lot they can do for her. WOW – How much life can change in the space of an 11 minute phone call!!!

We are not experts on this condition but from what we understand is that a lot of babies are lost before birth because of it, 50% of those carried to term are still born and the average life expectancy for those born alive is 5-15days..of course these are just averages. Because of the limited life expectancy , Drs feel it cruel to put a child through open heart surgey and have all that to deal with too. She therefore is not eligible for surgery. We requested they help us to have her born alive and to sustain her life as long as possible that we and our family may have time to meet her and hold her.

I was grateful then that yesterday was such a beaut of a day…boiling hot sun and lots of laughs with the kids. Grandma got out the sprinkler and Ethan, Megan and their cousins spent AGES running around and laughing their heads off, I seriously love how much fun water is! I sat there in a deck chair, soaking up some rays and enjoying the moments of Joy we are blessed to experience amid the heartaches of life.

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