Changing Bag Choices

Since about 20 weeks pregnant, or rather from the moment we were assured that things in this pregnancy were progressing “normally” I began to make plans of what pram, crib and changing bag I might want this time round. I have waited til almost the end of pregnancy to actually purchase these items due to all of my apprehensions, but I got there in the end buying my crib a few of weeks ago, our travel system/car seat shortly after, and now the changing bag which has been the final one, as lets face it, its not an essential like giving them a bed!

I wasn’t 100% sure on what bag to go for and it has taken me a good few weeks to make a purchase as I wanted to be sure it was stylish, practical, good value and that I REALLY loved it. I then had the dilemma that I couldn’t decide between a backpack or a regular bag, but one thing I was sure on was that I really didn’t want a standard changing bag. Instead I was set on a lovely regular bag with a nappy wrap inside to hold baby stuff. I looked all over the web at various nappy wraps but the fabrics weren’t jumping out to me, so in the end I ordered one from a local FB business and not only was she fab in making it to my specifications but then it was intercepted by my friend who kindly purchased it as a baby gift!…isn’t it lovely?

FullSizeRender (14)IMG_2233

So once that was sorted it was onto the actual bag… I narrowed it down to this lovely lot (most were on sale too – bonus). The 1st one is from Dorothy Perkins and I had my eye on it for a while, in the end the suede panel put me off as I worried it might look rough from rain or kids sticky fingers. I briefly loved the far right pinky one from River Island but something didn’t feel right, I am thinking maybe too seasonal. The middle I LOVE, its from Zara and is super lovely, I didn’t go with it because it just looked a bit too big, but I am still considering it as a weekend bag!!


But in the end it I went with this one from Accessorize that I came across whilst shopping last week. I originally saw it in mustard which was lovely too, but when I went back that was gone and white was the only remaining colour. I decided it was perfect as it had a lovely grey interior, would transition well through seasons and my outfits and basically I couldn’t say no to it when it ticked all the boxes on size, compartments, long strap etc


These combos and the colouring also means that it complements our pre loved bugaboo in grey and off white (which I hope to change to a pink) wonderfully and it was a steal at £19.50 from £39!!! I love that its chilled but a little bling too and therefore very me.. It fits in my nappy wrap nicely along with muslins, spare clothes and my essentials. I feel so accomplished and so pleased with my baby set up…Now all I need is the baby to go with it…

IMG_2231 (1) IMG_2230




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