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I have a couple of things in my wardrobe that aren’t maternity wear, but that I wore last summer whilst pregnant. One is a cream lace dress from Topshop that Nath bought me for my birthday a couple of years ago which I can’t part with… I wore it a lot over jeans whilst preggers and just love it, and again over Christmas this year whilst I still had some chub – its a bit big but I really like it.

I was 7 months pregnant here!
I was 7 months pregnant here!

The other is my most fave summer top that again Nath bought me (he’s doing well), but this is far more special as it was in Mexico on our honeymoon and I absolutely love it – its gorgeous to look at, cool to wear and a reminder of a wonderful trip with my new husband. I remember the funny stories of how we came to buy it and the drama of the rabies looking dog that chased him in the process. I love to see the little old lady in my mind that made it each time I admire the stitching, its lovely and I have worn it regularly without fail, EVERY summer since 2009 and always get complimented on it too – Bonus!
WP_20150827_15_43_45_ProThere’s only one  problem now though with my favourite top, and that is that whilst it holds such happy reminders and memories, it also now has painful ones too. Because of the shape of it, and because my bump housed such a teeny baby,  I wore it a lot whilst pregnant last summer. I loved wearing it and loved that it still fitted… I never connected that it fitted still (along with my cream dress and some other things too) because there was a serious problem and she wasn’t growing very much.
1234366_10152350139271553_6603483517022976178_nI wore it for the first time since being pregnant, just yesterday and it felt weird. I have wanted to wear it all summer, but have been avoiding wearing it because the joy I felt in it whilst pregnant was so fresh. I have sent a lot of stuff to charity that hold reminders, but I  can never part with my Mexico top…its too beautiful and sentimental.  I accept that for a while it stings a little when I wear it and remember not only how fun it was in Mexico with Nath but also how I felt last year in it. How radiantly pregnant I was. How excited we were….but whilst that side of it hurts, there is another side to that of last year that comes to mind that I put up next to my mexico memories and that is that as I wear it a year on I also remember a very special lady that touched our lives.
WP_20150827_17_02_43_ProI know I will spend so many more summers rocking this and making far more memories in it in the future and then when its too tatty to wear Ill frame it or something. But through thick and thin this top is mine.  The sad memories won’t stop it being my favourite thing to wear in the summer and the good memories will always make it a very special piece!

Do you have a special item in your closet that you could never part with? 

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  1. mummydaddyme
    August 29, 2015 / 6:55 am

    I love the top from Mexico it’s gorgeous. I have a few things in my wardrobe that I won’t part with, namely a couple of hoodies I got from our honeymoon, but I actually am not a hoarder and I often get rid of things! x

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