Memory Boxes

Ethan and Megan enjoyed the morning at the Hospice playing in the sandpit, ball pool and making a mess whilst creating “memory boxes”! They are fantastic and the kids really got into it. The idea is that each of them can put in a lock of Poppy’s hair, photos and generally anything to remember her by. It will be their own special box of memories with their sister.

I did find it quite emotional being there and seeing them talking to the staff about the boxes and their baby. It was also a hopeful visit as we spoke with them and the nurse practitioner there of more options for Poppy too.

Both Nath and I were amazed at how long megs concentrated for – she really got into it:
WP_004914 WP_004915

Ethan was a bit more freestyle and didn’t take to it straight away but when she showed him the camera “just for him and Megan to take pics of poppy” he was intrigued:


And the finished products …

As you can tell Ethan loved the pom poms and glitter
Megan loved the buttons and feathers


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