Bye Bye Baby Bulge Week 2

Its not what you know but who you know and man do I know some flipping mint peeps! Always on hand with snacks, dinner and treats to lift the grieving soul! Iv’e received all sorts of delights from friends and family around the world and I could not be more grateful – well until I try to wear normal clothes then I wanna hunt them all down and add them to my blacklist!
Here are some of the delights I have enjoyed this week that have helped me cope – Yes incase you hadn’t realized I do eat my feelings!!!!

  • Almost the whole USA sized bag of peanut butter m&ms in bed the other night – No guilt only deliciousness!
  • Weds my friends brought “Brunch” – Pain au chocolat, croissants…no other words needed
  • Thursday a friend baked us some very delic choc chip cookies..2 each but Nath and I may have had 3 and only given the kids 1!
  • Friday a friend took me for hot choc – obviously WITH cream and marshmallows followed by a delic Korma with the hubs for date night
  • Sunday I was brought some M&S ice cream with homemade choc sauce


Is it any wonder then that this weeks weigh in only puts me at  168lb  ive gained a ruddy pound!!!! I was tempted to weigh myself later in the day and see if it was lower if I went to the loo or not. That extra pound was potentially quite depressing but to be honest iv’e flipping loved everything Iv’e scoffed this week so I should be grateful it did no further damage and see if I can make more progress this next week.
I have my 6 week check tomorrow so I am hopeful that next week will be more of a party as I can start kicking my butt into shape and work off some serious L.Bs… Im not giving up hope just yet with my seemingly lofty weight loss goal!

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