Simple Salsa!

At this time of year, and especially on warmer days, I am all about eating various wrap/mexican combos for dinner! To me they give a bit of an exotic vibe to the day, as well as being fresh, cheap and quick. I am a great lover of spice and freshness, and Mexican food not only hits all of the right spots, but is mostly (provided it’s not too spicy), loved by us all as a family favourite!

Of course the main attraction for me at the table is always the salsa. I love making it homemade, to get the right kick, freshness, and coriander/citrus deliciousness, and then piling it on my dinner! Life is good when homemade salsa is in the mix!

Having lived in Arizona for a year and a half, and consequently living around Mexican and south Americans, I picked up a few culinary skills I like to show off – the ones I use the most are Quesadillas (huge family fave), and of course this simple go to salsa recipe! I thought I’d share it with you guys as it’s not only an essential to my Summers, and one of my loves in life, but quite possibly a super useful piece of knowledge for you too!

Simple Salsa 

There are so so many salsa recipes I am yet to try and discover, and this one (whilst very tasty) isn’t even my fave! It is however really quick, simple and tasty to whizz up for dinner or guests. For those reasons, it’s the one I always make, and naturally always goes down a treat. It can be made in abundance with little effort and stored several days in the fridge too!

You will need 

A tin of chopped tomatoes (More if you want lots)
A pack of Salad tomatoes
One Medium Onion (Brown)
A green Pepper
A bunch of Coriander (Cilantro)
2 lemons (or 1 lime and 1 lemon)
Fresh chillies (Usually 1/2 or 1 for mild…. more to turn up the heat)

A hand blender / Blender

1.Loosely chop onion, salad tomatoes, Pepper, chilli and coriander into a large container or food blender. 
2. Open tin of tomatoes and add to chopped veg
3. Squeeze juice of citrus over and add a few grinds of salt 
4. Blend up by hand or in Blender until fine
5. Done!!! Taste (Sometimes it may need a little more citrus)
6. Serve with fave Mexican dishes, over grilled fish, or as a dip with tortilla chips and enjoy!!!!




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