Peanut Butter Cookies

On Monday evening, when the kids got home from school, we got to work on a mass baking sess! It was super nuts and VERY messy, but it was also important to us to show appreciation for those who live around us and thank them for welcoming us into our new life. We decided that we wanted to bake them some treats and drop them off with a card and say “Thank you” and that we think they’re great and despite the madness it was a lovely and fun evening together.

I am not the best baker, and these were not the best treats, in fact I felt a little awkward giving them to people as they didn’t go as great as I had originally hoped. But they were edible, looked pretty and were very graciously received. They made everyone’s night (including ours)!

Amongst them were ginger biscuits, and my favourite thing to bake “Peanut butter cookies!”. I have made them twice in this last week; once on Monday for the neighbours, and again at the weekend for my Nephews birthday! I love them because they are tasty, simple, quick to do, and look great! So if you think you might like to give them a go then here they are.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Why not give them a go for a tasty treat one evening with hot chocs. Or as a little treat for friends or neighbours! Its a great (and very simple) way to spread Christmas cheer!

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