Budget Meal | Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Since living here in Kuwait my kids have loved discovering Alfredo Pasta as a tasty and quick dinner. I don’t remember seeing or buying the sauce at home (but I could be wrong), and it’s only since I have been back around a lot of Americans again, that I was reminded how tasty it is (especially with chicken and mushrooms thrown in).

Pizza too is always a favourite dinner in our house, and it is also something here that when converted into £s works out quite expensive (even for the frozen ones). And so, when I saw a “Chicken Alfredo Pizza” idea on Pinterest, I had to combine a couple of quick fave dinners, and see if this too would become a new family favourite, that would also be budget friendly – spoiler alert: It was!

Chicken Alfredo Pizza 

This recipe made a giant rectangular pizza (think a shelf of the oven size) that more than adequately fed the 6 of us (with a couple of slices left for lunch then next day – or supper if you have preteens in the house like us)! We served it with a salad and it was absolutely delicious.


600g of Pizza flour 
375ml Warm water 
2 teaspoons of Dried Yeast 
A pinch of caster sugar 

Alfredo Sauce (1/2 a jar – save money and use the other half on pasta for another day)
Chicken (I used 2 breasts, and had left overs for salads for lunch – bargain)
A medium red onion
Grated Mozzarella cheese


1.Make your dough – Add 2 teaspoons of dried yeast to warm water, along with a pinch of caster sugar. Mix in the pizza flour until you have a dough. Cover and leave in warm area for about an hour to prove (this was outside for us here in Kuwait)

2.While the dough is proving, slice mushrooms and fry them with some crushed garlic – set aside

3.Next cook the chicken (in strips) in the pan with a little more garlic and a sprinkle of oregano, salt & pepper (or other dried herb you might have) – set aside

4. Once an hour has passed, get the dough and roll out to fit the tray – I used the over shelf and it covered it nicely. Rub a little olive oil on the tray before placing the dough.

5.Cover the dough in Alfredo sauce

6. place mushrooms, chicken and red onions on top

7. Cover in Mozzarella and place in a preheated oven at about 190 – 200c

8. Remove when dough and cheese are golden / Slice and enjoy!

This chicken alfredo pizza was so delicious and a winner with everyone. One of our kids doesn’t eat meat, so I just did here corner of the pizza chicken free. I think I made this pizza for around the price for 1.5 frozen ones – which is great as it was all fresh ingredients (minus the jar of sauce – obvs) and was also a flavour you can’t buy in the shops! The dough was springy and soft and the toppings are AMAZING!

It would be a great one for gatherings, for dinner, make ahead for a picnic or lunches, or a movie night! The kids also could really get involved with making this as it has plenty for everyone to do!

My kids said I should be opening a bakery with this pizza – but alas, Greggs isn’t my dream right now! Enjoy!

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