Why my daughter wore a towel at the park

Blue skies and sun, warmth and blossoms and my daughter sat in a towel – not the scene you would expect in April but it’s safe to say Spring is here and the perfect weather to be out all day! I love days where we have no time restraints, nothing to be back for and all the time in the world to do what ever we feel like. I find it to be one of the luxuries of being a stay at home mum.

Yesterday we stayed local; singing/music group, swimming, new school acceptance and almost 4hrs in the park! It was fab..mostly. The kids walked and walked and by bed time they couldn’t even make it to the end of their story before sleep got the better of them and to look on the surface it seems so dreamy and “A wonderful life”! But in and amongst the stay at home mum luxuries and wonderful moments where things fall in to place (and kids into their beds) there are the times you think “what am I actually doing here?” or “Is this what my life has become?”.  It’s often those moments when they are struck with sickness and you are mopping it up in the middle of the night, or you can’t get ready for them trashing the house at every turn. The piles of laundry (and at times dishes too) to tackle or for me and my life, when you find them pooing in the local park… You see the dreamy, chilled and carefree sunny Spring day we enjoyed, soon turned into me on a climbing frame watched by several disgusted parents as I cleaned up after Megs and she sat in a damp swimming towel!

After numberless amounts of laughs and fun at swimming we put the icing on the cake and went to the park for 45 mins before heading home to do dinner. On our way home we bumped into some friends who were spending the evening playing and enjoying a picnic in the park, it seemed such a lovely idea and as we really didn’t have any major plans and it was going to be a later finish for Nath, we decided to stay. So whilst the kids played (and came back occasionally to whine) we sat in the sun, on a blanket having laughs and chats. I decided as time was getting on id nip to the supermarket for some food and feed them out then Nath could get us on his way back from work, for sure the perfect plan and more exciting as it was so spontaneous! After cleaning up Megs wetting herself I did just that and grabbed them some pasta and a banana and then enjoyed the moment all together. It really was lovely to be just sat out eating dinner and being with friends and realising this was the start of a season of doing that often!
WP_20150421_17_10_06_Pro WP_20150421_17_11_44_ProMegs again wet herself and this time we had the slight dilemma that we had run out of spare pants (whoops)! For me it is becoming a frustrating part of my life that whenever we are out she seems to have several accidents and so I guess in some way’s I wasn’t surprised when she waddled over to me! She ended up in Ethan’s swim shorts and was happy to go off and play some more…until she decided not to tell me she needed to Poop and BOOOOMMMM did it in the climbing frame …and then to make the situation all the more fun from mum – walked it across the park!

I do not have words to describe how disgusting this scene was!

So I did what we do as parents and went and cleaned her up and she ended up going home in a towel! BUT…As I crouched on the climbing frame with wipes and a carrier bag that I had to skank off somebody else, all eyes on me (the mother with the pooing kid) I just thought “REALLY? just when I thought life couldn’t get worse we have THIS?” !!!!
I exited the park and voiced to an unsympathetic parent “Do you ever find yourself doing something and think ‘is this what my life has become?'” and then laughed awkwardly to which she said ZERO! It was all too cringe of a scene for me!

So if you ever see a kid in a towel and a mother in an awkward sitch – offer some sympathy and remember the dreamy, rosy, picture perfect parenting days can quickly be tarnished with any manner of things!


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