We are having a…

If you follow me on social media then you will be well aware of how that sentence ends. But, for anyone who missed it and also for our own memories, we found out almost 2 weeks ago now at my 20 week scan that we are having A BOY! And, that baby Smith number 5 is healthy, strong and perhaps a little shy!

This news was excitedly received by all of us (especially me who cheered in the room when she announced it) and every single one of the kids were over the moon to be getting a baby brother this time round (which makes a big change to the response we had when we told them that Alice was a girl ). Although we would have obviously been delighted with either a boy or a girl, I always hoped that I might have another son and that this was him! It is absolutely true (especially when you have lost a baby) that you are more concerned that they are growing well and a healthy baby over what gender they are. But, at the same time it doesn’t stop you wishing just that little bit does it ?!

It has been 10 years since I had a baby boy to care for and over 4 years since I had a baby! I am aching and can definitely feel the toll a 5th pregnancy is taking on me, but even so it’s fine and I actually on the whole feel quite confident about it all and excited! I have hoped for the last year at least that we may have another baby; so in that sense I feel ready and looking forward to it all. I would say however, that I am a little nervous about the sleepless nights again and the delivery – just because it is a little uncertain at the moment if I can have a vaginal delivery or will need a section. I had a section with Ethan and it was okay (just a longer recovery obviously). I know it will be planned and is a common procedure, but it still makes me nervous if that is what I have to have.

In spite of these little worries, now that I am feeling much better and have more energy, I am enjoying being pregnant, feeling little kicks and imagining life with another little Smith in the mix.

I am looking forward to the tiny clothes again…the baby smells and snuggles and the little dinosaur noises they make.

I am looking forward to seeing the excitement of the kids faces when he is here  – family moments and all heading out and about.

I am looking forward to all of the moments to teach and show another little person about life!

I am looking forward to a new chapter – one that sees me back home and that sees me out and about with my little baby again! Not to mention – one that is different, because after 3 baby girls we are switching it up.

Motherhood is hard and tiresome, but it is also pretty wonderful and lovely too! I am not trying to fluff it up – I know how relentless some days are and I certainly have had my fair share of struggles, outbursts and tears over the last 10 years (and days that as much as I love them I want to be away from them) but, I also know it isn’t solely that. There us so much more wonderful moments and lovely things about having kids and, I do treasure this opportunity for the 5th time to have another child and, to be the mother of all these amazing little people!

I can’t wait to see who he look’s like, what little personality he has and how he fit’s into our tribe! I still cannot believe some days that I am the mother to 2 sons now and 3 daughters, because 5 kids sounds loads (but not quite as many as 6 which is what I wanted when I was younger – Ha!), but at the same time it feels just right and happy!

Hello little man – we are excited for your arrival in the Spring!

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