Twin Time

Nathan and I were blessed this week with 2 new beautiful twin nieces; ‘Eila and Ava’. Not for the first time mind you, as just last year his sister too had identical twin girls…2 sets in less than a year…how fabulous!

Today we headed to Lancashire to pay them all a visit. Unfortunately they were STILL waiting to be discharged and so after dropping the kids with my parents at the house we headed up for a quick visit.
A few ‘Uturns’, hospital detours and getting stuck on the antenatal ward we finally found them:


Kirsty (that’s my youngest sister) was so pleased to have some visitors and I was going nuts over them all and their ‘midgetness’! Such a pair of scrummy babies! I always find it so amazing how much love you can feel for someone you’ve just met. I wondered how I would be around new babies with the circumstances that surround our impending birth but how can you be sad when you hold 2 perfect little pea sized head babies?! It made me feel so happy!

 Hours later we welcomed them all home and Ethan and Megan met their new cousins.. Ethan was in awe and so excited, Megan had to be restrained from twisting fingers, prizing eyes open and squishing heads.  But both were a pair of giddy kippers that couldn’t stop staring at them and touching them.



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Twin time has been the best time and brought us all joy (just as every new baby does for a family), it has made us a little bit more excited to meet our baby girl and given us a great day!

Here I am with ‘Ava’ and my mum with ‘Eila’ having baby snuggles. Whatever we are experiencing in life the time spent with new life really does bring joy to us all and reminds us of the miracles along the way!



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