The End of an Era

Well – it’s the end of an Era!

6 years ago we dropped our little 5 year old off for his first day of “big” school, and I remember feeling a little sad at how big he seemed and how fast time was going. Of course I was excited for this new stage of life – for all the new friends he would make, the experiences he would have, and the things he would learn and know. But, it seemed so soon to no longer have him at home every day. I felt sad that both his Montessori experience had ended, and that school would have a chunk of him that I would no longer have.

And yet here were are  – at the end of primary school and on his way to high school – What on earth.

Last Friday, as the kids finished for Summer, I reflected so much on theses past 5 years here in the village and I realised (as well as feeling super emotional) that in several ways this was the end of an era. It was the close of a (mostly) wonderful chapter. It was a the end of life as we knew it here in Yorkshire.

The end of primary school for Ethan.

The end of all 3 in the same school together.

The end of school runs across the village Green.

The end of after school playing at the village park and ice cream Thursdays.

The end of scootering all together to school, and chatting in groups of friends.

The end of them all knowing the same stories about the same events, kids and teachers.

The end of them all dressing up on special days together – cheering each other on and celebrating their in school achievements.

The end of us being the late ones every morning and laughing at the same faces about it.

The end of country walks across snowy fields on snow days.

The end of thunder bugs on yellow tshirts.

The end of being a part of this great community.

And so we move onto new chapters…

The one where they attend an international school in a desert climate.

The one where our eldest starts high school, the second finishes up primary school in a different land, and the 6 year old has year 2 “at home”!

The one where we no longer take country walks to school, but drive or walk a few blocks of the city-scape.

The one where there is sunshine every day, sand storms and new horizons.

The one where life is very different to here, but also new and exciting to discover.

The one where we make new friends, and find a new flow.

The one where school starts much earlier, but also finishes earlier!

It’s the end of a wonderful era, but the start of a new one.

Each of our kids are so very different and their school experiences have reflected this – each one has helped us to broaden our ideas of what education looks like, and how different approaches and philosophies are just as unique as each child. But, one things for sure with Ethan, and that is that while I was reluctant 6 years ago, we cannot deny that mainstream school has been a great experience for him. His foundation of forest school and Montessori were wonderful, and now he has grown tremendously; always had a huge group of friends, cruised through his work and enjoyed his time here. He has been a source of laughter, entertainment, helpfulness and kindness in his classroom and school community, and we couldn’t be prouder.

September sees big changes for all, and I am excited to live and write these new chapters – watching them grow in their individual realms and experiences.

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  1. July 29, 2022 / 9:30 pm

    Wow, such a milestone!

    Danielle |

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