Strawberry picking, Jam making and Scones!

Scone (sounding like gone) or scone (sounding like stone)? Which camp are you? I am most definitely the latter! Despite being from and living the majority of life here in Yorkshire, I seem to say it more like a southerner – and my Yorkshire kids feel the need to correct me too! Well, however one pronounces it, they’re still absolutely delish- especially smothered in homemade strawberry Jam (don’t even get started with whether its jam or cream first!) – and I don’t even like raisins.

This week for our make it Monday activity, we went to pick strawberries over near Gilberdyke and then brought them home, and then made Jam and homemade scones together.

The goal was not only to entertain the kids for a day (which it obviously did) and have some lovely family time, but also to increase their experience and awareness of where food comes from and how it gets from field to fork (a project we learnt about in lock down). They had fun hunting for strawberries in the fields, were keen and fascinated to make and  see how we make Jam, and also loved baking and seeing the scones come together.

Of course like anything with kids, there were moan-y moments, but equally lovely moments too. It was sweet to see the team work they had, the enthusiasm to find the biggest strawberry and even finding ways to include Oscar too.

I loved watching and hearing them work together to create something delicious for us all to enjoy at the end of the day. And, it was most certainly music to my ears to hear one of them say “goodness me, it’s hard work being a farmer and gathering crops”!

A yummy, creative and educational low key day which we all enjoyed… and one I hope has increased their appreciation and awareness a little more for food – those who make and gather it for us, as well as the production of it.

FYI – For the Jam we did equal parts fruit to sugar and then cooked very slowly over a low heat to prevent the sugar caramelising but rather melting slowly! You then let it boil up to large bubbles and by then it is usually ready (do the layer of it on a cold plate to make sure). 

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