Schools out for Summer – Our Summer holiday plans for 2021

Well we just about made it to the end of this summer term unscathed… and then last week both Ethan and Alice’s class bubbles burst and we were destined to spend the heatwave and the last week of term in quarantine (thank goodness for the garden and paddling pool). Thankfully though they were all able to return for the final day; to bid farewell, hand out gifts and give me some much needed peace (jokes – it’s been fine)!

I am over the moon now that Schools out for Summer and we can look forward to time being our own, slower days if we want and, having lots of fun, chilled days and family adventures together. I love the Summer holiday’s (6 weeks hanging out with my faves) and I love that we can spend so much time together doing all the things we love, as well as discovering new places too.

Our Summer Plans…

This Summer we want to hopefully climb a mountain, camp, make some fires, spend loads of time at the beach and outdoors, read some books, eat ice cream, have sleepovers with cousins, discover more historic places and see family – We want to explore some new places too (local and a little further around Yorkshire).

As we have talked and planned as a family about what we would like to do and where we would like to go, we have approached it with a couple of things in mind – firstly to spend as much time outdoors as possible, secondly to have some variety, and thirdly keep it budget friendly. I have mentioned before that in the school holidays we like to theme our days of the week – this offers us the variety we seek and the kids love it too for a bit of fun! Best of all though it means that everyday isn’t spent at attractions or out spending money, but rather keeps us on budget as a chunk of what we do is free or low cost. Planned this way increases creativity, connects us with history/science etc and also ensures we are embracing our local area and nature too.

Here are our plans for Summer 2021, that we hope to accomplish around Yorkshire. Mondays are all about crafting/making and then local walks and chiller days (Jam making for example will require us to pick the strawbs first so that will be a morning out too). Tuesdays see us venturing to places we want to explore, Wednesdays are for getting wet and water play (beach or rivers mainly), Thursdays are our museum days and connecting with educational things (we have listed the ones we haven’t done yet or really love), and then Fridays are for fun time (usually an attraction or something a little extraordinary like an ice cream parlour, cousins movie night and sleepover or trampoline park). We have tickets to Legoland too which we will be using on our way back north after our holiday.

I hope this list might help you if you are struggling to know how to keep the kids entertained for the next 6 weeks, or perhaps the format will simply help you plan with more variation, filling in with ideas you and your kids have.

On the weekends we hope to do walks/hikes and beach days/body boarding, and in and amongst all of this action we also have a family fun weekend with Nath’s side of the family, a week in the Cotswold’s and a couple of nights wild camping – we can’t wait!

Let the good times, adventures and late nights commence! School’s out for Summer and we couldn’t be more excited!

You may also be interested in trying Geocaching (we will likely fit this in too) or visiting some of the places we have previously visited around Yorkshire:

Temple Newsham
The Deep 
Free Days out in East Yorkshire 
Wharram Percy
Williams Den
Chatsworth House

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  1. July 23, 2021 / 10:21 pm

    That all sounds so lovely sweetie!

    Danielle |

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