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Last month we were sent one of the beautiful sibling boxes from Mud & Bloom, and on Sunday we finally got around to exploring it. From it we made paper kites and planted some cosmos seeds and aubergines in some old egg cartons – which we hope to reap the benefits of later in the year. The kids are naturally into the outdoors and nature, and Ethan is a keen gardener (he grew his own tomatoes last year), so as hoped, we had a wonderful time together and they loved it.

It was great to spend the afternoon making, planting and out in nature exploring our new activities.

What is Mud & Bloom?

Mud & Bloom is a monthly subscription box delivering seasonal nature crafts and gardening activities to your door. Each box includes everything you need for four craft and planting activities, which help your children connect with nature. It was set up by Anja in a hope to inspire families to get their children outdoors more and connected to nature. Because more and more studies are showing the importance of nature to children’s wellbeing and happiness, mud & bloom boxes provide this easy accessibility whether you have a garden or not. They provide organic, peat-free compost pellets in their boxes to enable anyone to grow the seeds regardless of what space they have and each box has lovely cards with nature ideas and wildlife to look for.

What We Thought… 

Our sibling box contained enough things for both Ethan and Megan to be able to do all of the activities. There are still a couple for us left to do (which is nice to spread it out), but on Sunday we focussed on planting the seeds (we didn’t want to miss the window of opportunity) and making the paper kites.

These activities were really straightforward, and what I loved as a parent was how easy to read and follow the instruction cards were for the kids. It was great to encourage them to read and follow them, and this took the lead off us and increased their independence and sense of pride with planting and making things.

Ethan loved the planting and was very enthusiastic with the kite later that afternoon too (we got some height but it wasn’t amazing). Megan on the other hand wasn’t impressed with the planting side – apparently it grossed her out!! They both loved watching the compost absorb the water (it’s a very exciting part of the process) and Megs is very excited to watch her seeds grow – she did however find more joy in the crafting side of the box and Ethan the planting part.

Overall they both loved the excitement of seeing what they could do with their box and we all loved the nature cards, which will be useful for seasonal walks.

I also loved that they had everything we needed, and looked good too. Often crafts in this house become stressful because they look like tat and create aq huge mess – this isn’t the case with Mud & Bloom boxes – they are simple and lovely crafts with minimal mess and stuff!

All Mud & Bloom boxes try to be environmentally friendly by sourcing plastic free materials and packaging and using certified organic seeds where possible. They are available for individual kids or siblings and would make an excellent gift or fun monthly project for any kid. Ethan especially is the green fingered one in our family and I think he would love to build up his own little garden each month via something like this.

You can register for 3 months (£9.95/box), 6 months (£8.95/box) or 12 months (£7.96/box) – if you want to give them a go for your kids, then you can get 15% off your first box with code THEHEARTYLIFE 

Thank you to Mud & Bloom for gifting this box to us! 

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