Our First National Day in Kuwait

This weekend has been a big deal here in Kuwait, as it has been National day (the 25th) and Liberation day (the 26th), and we have enjoyed seeing so many flags, lights, clothing and various things (cakes etc) around Kuwait to mark this special celebration for their country.

National Day in Kuwait is celebrated on February 25 every year (moved from June as it’s just too hot). And is a national holiday that commemorates the day that Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah became the ruler of Kuwait in 1950. They celebrate him as Al-Sabah was an exceptional leader, who during his reign signed a treaty that secured Kuwait’s independence from Britain.

Kuwait Liberation Day is observed annually on February 26 (the day after), and this is another holiday that remembers the day Kuwait was liberated from the Iraqui occupation in 1991.

It has been great to observe the country during these special holidays, and also participate in some of the celebrations too/embrace their culture. On our first National day/Liberation day holiday here in Kuwait this is what we did.

The kids participated in a cultural show at school – I absolutely loved seeing the National day show at the kids school. Children of all ages were dressed up in Kuwaiti apparel, fancy dresses, flags and traditional clothing. They sang and danced and recited poetry and the holy Qu’ran. It was so much fun, so much energy and a great insight into the culture of Kuwait.

Ethan and Megan were part of a musical group who played the Kuwait National Anthem to start it all off, and it was so lovely to see and be a part of that too.

We saw kids with water guns – A big thing that families and kids like to do on National day is have a country wide water fight. They line the streets of the main roads with water guns and water balloons and throw/get passers-by. It is so different and so much fun to see. We saw loads of them all dressed up in Kuwaiti clothing (I heart Kuwait tops etc) lining the Gulf Road and having so much fun. We also saw police sat at junctions with tables spread out and tea pots to monitor it all, and people stood out of sun roofs and bus windows – throwing water balloons and using water guns – such a laugh that we might get involved in next year.

We had a BBQ with friends – On National day we planned to go out to the desert with some friends and hire a tent. We were going to enjoy socialising Kuwaiti style and have a BBQ, play and just enjoy the desert. Unfortunately this was cancelled by the people running it (double booked us) so we moved it to a friends complex and enjoyed a BBQ and swimming together. It was a great evening nonetheless.

We went to a firework display – There were lots of drone and firework displays happening over the last few days across Kuwait, that we wish we had known about sooner. There were also air shows and galas too. We decided to go to the Avenues mall and catch their firework display on the evening of liberation day- it was super chaotic and busy, and the fireworks were great (but could have been a little longer for a public display). We also caught some men doing a traditional dance with drums and swords – it was so good and echoed across the mall. We finished up with Ice cream and a very late night!

What a fun weekend it’s been for Kuwait National day and Liberation day! I only wish I had more pics! Next year we 100% want to join in the water fights – so funny.

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