Our Family in September 2019

In our little family, when we think of September, we think of Poppy – Her passing, birth and funeral. And it wasn’t that long ago that when we approached the month of September, I longed for it to be over and hoped we just didn’t have to face another without her. I found myself each year singing the old Green Day favourite “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and it would cause me to spiral into a dark place for quite a while after. And, whilst September still often brings with it more surfaced emotions and waves of grief for us, this September has been truly blessed and wonderful for our family despite that added reflection and fog of loss!

I find that now the kids are a little older, planning for Poppy’s anniversaries feel more like a kids birthday and they really make an effort to make it something special (which we appreciate). It in some ways magnifies the loss, but in others softens the anniversary. This year we released lanterns off Flamborough head with some of the fam and our friends – it was a lovely evening and our family pictures for September, are of course in remembrance of Poppy too!

When I think of everything that has happened over the last 30 days, it really has been tonnes and quite big milestones too (no wonder i’m wrecked!)! Nathan started his PGCE in Hull and is loving the experience and this new learning curve. I got a new part time job (activities coordinator at an old peoples home – can’t wait to start) and have also started back at college with my last year of level 4 counselling!

The kids are back at school and have adjusted well and seem to be enjoying it! Alice has taken a little while to adjust to preschool, but seems to be finding her feet and her enthusiasm is more believable.  Ethan is now doing Hockey and circuit training after school to break up his musical passions of singing, Piano and Trumpet. Megan started recorder (and don’t we know it!) and has also joined the free sewing and hama bead after school clubs. She has moved up to Brownies from rainbows and is loving being able to play out more with friends now they are all in year 3!

We have had loads of fun as a family on the weekends, with a massive weekend of celebrations to welcome home Nath’s youngest brother from his mission in Switzerland/Germany at the beginning of the month – it was lovely! And then a day out to Thornton-le-dale and more time spent in Beverley. We saw Toy Story 4 on Saturday (loved it!) and I introduced the fam to Free Willy for family film night last week (I cannot believe Nathan has never seen it either!).

September has been a lot about adjusting for us – adjusting to a new routine after summer, new roles for work and clubs, new years at school and adjusting to another year without Poppy. We have seen their uncle adjusting back to real life after his service in the mission field and loved seeing him and everyone to catch up. It has been a bit nuts and busy this month, but it has also been lovely to adjust to a new routine and stage of life and make the most of our weekends together.

As the days cool down and nights draw in sooner, we are looking forward to all October has in store for us! Hull fair is coming and we can’t hide from it now the kids can read the posters! But we know we will enjoy that tradition for October, as well as celebrating Ethan turning 9, a decade of married life, Halloween and half term! I can’t think of this coming month too much because I just get giddy inside about all of the celebrations and fun ahead for us! Yes, I have a good feeling that October is going to be brilliant and lots of fun with family and friends!

In September 2019 we are Grateful for: 

*Poppy and her place in our family
*Uncle A coming home safely from his mission
*A new school year and new opportunities
*New after school clubs filled with fun things to do
*Movies for Juniors – £2.50 Each
*Mummy getting a new Part-time Job
*Grandma Smith making lovely dinners for us
*Incredible friends and neighbours who have really looked out for us this month

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