Our Family in November 2019

It is clear to see how mad and busy life is right now by the very fact that we are a week into December and you are only just getting our Families November update! Either that, or our life is so boring at the moment that I haven’t had the motivation to write about it? Well I assure you it is the first reason, and life at the moment with various places to be, christmas prep and so much to do,  and work – I assure you – is far for from boring!

Life has been lived these last few weeks somewhere between work, school, and making the most of anytime we might have in between that. The month has been hectic, but has also been filled with some really wonderful moments that have brought us joy. It began with a fun weekend at my sister in Laws house for Bonfire night, where we joined them for a massive fire, epic fireworks and lots of social time and food. We decided to sleep over (which made it for the kids) and we enjoyed being with family on Sunday too – both for church and dinner afterwards. It reminded me we needed to make more time to visit and stay with our siblings and their families to create more of those moments and fun times together. We see one another quite regularly, but there is something fun about mass family sleep overs and staying up late together (I expect there will be plenty of that over Christmas).

The following week was my birthday which saw me pass into the realm of “mid 30s” (I know – you thought I was 25 right?). I spent my 35th birthday at work, followed by some pizza with the kids after. We love birthday’s in our house and it was fun to have them all climb into our bed to greet me with copious amounts of chocolate, hugs and kisses and funny cards! We enjoyed Gateau and cream and mummy and daddy hope to get out soon in honour of it too! *Apparently I am yet to decide where I want to go!!! 

November saw Megan become an official Brownie and it was lovely for us all to go with her and watch her make her promise. She loves Brownies, but has become bored of playing the recorder now which we hear her whine over every Monday morning (she has promised to see it through to christmas and not whine – much!). Ethan has been performing the piano at work for the elderly, which has been fab, and was delighted to bring home his WW2 model of a house and Anderson shelter that he has been creating in class (it was really good!). He is enjoying his various fitness activities each week and seems to be quite the charmer at school! We had both their parent’s evenings, which showed us they are doing well and working hard. Megan likes to speak her mind at school which I love, but ahas also got her into trouble a couple of times (which I cringe at!). Ethan, like me, has fallen into the role of class clown at school, but it hasn’t stopped him reading plenty, exceeding in his maths and generally being a good allrounder!

Alice has enjoyed some 1:1 time with both of her Grandma’s as they have kindly taken her out whilst I have worked here and there, and is doing great at her preschool. All three of our kids love to come to the home where I work and chat and banter with the residents – it lights up both them and the elderly and has been so lovely to see (not to mention convenient for childcare!!).

I passed my latest counselling assignment and also bagged myself an awesome placement, which I am excited to get cracking on in the new year. Nathan is busy most nights planning and essay writing and is drawing to the end of his first placement. It has been a bit hectic, but we have still made time for The Apprentice each week and some time for a date (which is really important to us both)!

It’s mad to think we are weeks from the end of the year and days away from another Christmas. We put the tree up on Monday but I still have a lot to do to be ready! It will all come together though and we are all looking forward to some rest, festive fun and hopefully some gifts too! I am excited for this month; to celebrate Nath’s birthday, Christmas and of course the New Year. It will no doubt be exhausting and busy, but we also hope for plenty of fun, joy, merriment and memories to make!

In November we are Grateful for:

*The help of family
*Lovely dinners at Grandma’s
*A fun bonfire weekend with Esther and her family/friends
*A lovely Birthday for Mummy!
*Fun times spent with the elderly
*Good school reports at parents Evening
*Excitement for Christmas Time

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